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    Quick Grab It!

    Never in all my days have I seen something at this price that’s new. They must’ve missed “1” in front.
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    Hand Held Fans

    For anyone who’s interested Home And Bargain have those hand held fans for a pound less than QVCs postage.
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    Big Deals 11/5/20-17/5/20 looks like it’s for next week and there’ll be two options to chose from.
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    Something really for nothing

    I’ve just ordered three of these, be quick though because it’s not often you get something for nothing...
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    Blunder Berry.

    Ok I know it’s Bundleberry :D but look at what the Home and Bargain have and can be delivered too. I ordered something recently recently from them for £2.95 and it only took two days so if you like Amanda Hold’ems tables here’s one she probably got her “inspiration” from 😂...
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    Zero Water Filter

    As we all know it’s not difficult to find what QVC are selling cheaper elsewhere, but for anyone who’s interested and not bothered about the extra filter, Robert Dyas have the Zero Water Filter for £18.74...
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    Echo Dot £22

    Both Amazon and Argos have started “Black Friday” and for anyone whose interested they’ve got some great reductions on Amazon products (both Amazon and Argos have the same prices) like the Dot for £22 (different colours) or 5 payments of £4.40 with Amazon...
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    Bird Feeder

    As if we didn’t need anymore proof that Aldi get the same things from the same supplier as QVC, but QVC charge a lot more, now the gardening pick of the month has sold out, you can get the feeder for a fiver, and the food for a couple of quid...
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    ABC Wipes Offer At “Look Fantastic”

    Look fantastic have got a great offer on the ABC wipes for anyone who’s interested...
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    Jade Roller For The Face

    I remember QVC had a piece of Jade contoured for the face, just seen one on Amazon “lightening deals” but you get two and a roller for a fraction of the cost For anyone who’s interested :mysmilie_3:
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    Cheaper 5 Minutes Chef Wednesdays TSV.

    Don’t know how much Wednesdays TSV 5 Munute Copper Chef is, but for anyone that’s interested, same item but better made because the coating comes off the Copper Chef and you really want one but don’t want to pay £30-£40...
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    Stainless Steel Water Bottles

    Next time you hear a QVC presenter say that the stainless steel water bottles are a great price at two for £16, and that price is amazing, well not that amazing, for anyone who’s interested, you can get them in Aldi for £4 each (different designs) exactly the same...
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    Nourish London

    Ideal World have got a new beauty range called “Nourish London” they’re vegan and certified cruelty free with the bunny. I thought I’d let people, I’m tempted to try it because compared to Nourish London website
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    Paw Solar Lights

    For anyone who’s interested, the paw solar lights that QVC want £17 for, I’ve seen them for a fiver. And on eBay £8.99 free postage. You...
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    Sorry I can’t remember who, but someone asked a few weeks back for a Vegan hair care range that was Vegan, cruelty free, free from parabens and other nasties so thought I’d post this email I’ve just received from Ideal World for anyone who’s interested...
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    Aldi Avenue Jeggings (but more like jeans)

    Just to let anyone know who’s interested, these are the jeggings I was talking about, they’re back in in different colours I bought them last year in grey and dark indigo, loved them that much I stocked up and I’ve got to say...
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    Antibacterial Hand Wipes

    I know a lot of people buy the ABC hand wipes for their antibacterial qualities but they’re expensive now so thought I’d share this little find on Amazon. I ordered last night and they’re coming today, so I’ll let you know, if the...
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    Not Richard Jackson’s Bird Seed.

    I hope when it’s not gardening pick of the month, people don’t pay £40 because it turns out you can buy it elsewhere after all...
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    Perfect Cooker

    Ideal world have got an offer on for anyone who’s interested, doubt you’d find a better price than this...
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    You can either pay (if you're interested) £38.50 plus £3.95 p&p from QVC or under £2 from Amazon. Or you can buy these and add the...

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