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  1. donna255

    Anyone Else Got Their Invite For The Flu/Covid Boosters?

    I got a text message last week with a special number to book at my doctor, phoned and going on the 5th October. I have booked the day after off work in case of side effects, usually I am just very tired and feel like I am taking the cold which only lasts a day. Always did get the flu jab as I...
  2. donna255

    M&S 20% Off Beauty with Sparks Card

    Yes, M&S are doing 20% off all beauty if you have a Sparks card. They sell Philip Kingsley, L'Occitane, Alpha H, Emma Hardie etc.
  3. donna255

    Ideal World In Receivership?

    I spotted this thread in the Money Saving Forum under consumer rights. The person refunded a refund.
  4. donna255

    Is QVC Delivery Dangerous?

    This woman posts daily on QVC Facebook, strange posts which start with QVC products then go off. I posted before about her mentioning digging up her father? I rang QVC Customer service several times including this week That the Company doing my Delivery is Dangerous Twice yesterday i received...
  5. donna255

    Escentual 20% Off

    Yes, ends on the 31st August.
  6. donna255

    Molton Brown Free Shipping

    Yes, MB are doing free shipping until next Sunday 14th.
  7. donna255

    The Beauty Excellence Awards 2022

    Yes, they are back. Are you excited?😂o_O
  8. donna255

    So What Do You Think?

    A question from a woman on QVC Facebook. Hello, I purchased a Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer this week, to be honest i am unsure if i like it or not but trying to give it a chance first. But what i would like to know is, it comes with a guarantee so you can register it, it says on your description...
  9. donna255

    Escentual 25% Off

    Yes, it is back but ends on Tuesday 11.59 on June 28th
  10. donna255

    Escentual 25% off back

    Yes, ends Monday at 11.59 pm
  11. donna255

    Escentual 25% Off

    Yes, escentual are doing their 25% off site wide until Thursday 12th 11.59 pm.
  12. donna255

    Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs

    Excellent deals at the moment in their sale. Easter Eggs which were £30 now £9 The giant egg which was £84 not down to £25.50 Hollow Eggs, only £7.50 I did have a dander in one of their stores and seen prices. Yes, I bought a £9 egg.
  13. donna255

    Molton Brown, 20% Friends and Family

    Online and in store this weekend for the Bank Holiday
  14. donna255

    Michelle Mone Better Start Selling More Diamonique Police Raid

    Seems her home has been raided by the Police Vile woman, karma finally has arrived.
  15. donna255

    CODE 8 Lipstick

    So are we all going to rush to buy the lipstick at £39.96 and then £2.95 shipping? Now, it is a lovely colour, but no, thanks.
  16. donna255

    Elite Herbal Skin Care

    So on QVC Facebook loads of ads for this from Peter Jones. People asking what it's all about and who is he. Others complaining about the ads. Seems he has submitted his products to appear on QVC, but they have not said yes, yet? Told, his ads for another company are against QVC rules, and...
  17. donna255

    Escentual 25% Off

    Yes, Doing 25% off everything until Monday 28th. Code is ESCENTUAL25
  18. donna255

    Clinique Sale

    allbeauty have Clinique up to 50% off.
  19. donna255

    Escentual 25% Off

    Last until midnight on Monday 28th Feb Code is on the website but it is ESCENTUAL25 Off everything.
  20. donna255

    Emma Hardie Sale

    Yes, sets down the to £20 from £60 and £40