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    Liz Earle Items for Sale

    I have the following if anyone is interested:- 2no 100ml Pumps of Cleanse & Polish (without any Muslin Cloths) 1no 200ml Instant Boost Skin Tonic Would be £38.00 direct from LE, I am selling for £25.00. No postage. All are unused & still in the LE Tissue Paper. Payment by cheque only please...
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    Lori Greiner Anniversary Prices
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    Feel Unique - Money Off Codes

    Just had an e-mail from them. Spend £30.00, get £3.00 off - Code 3BLOOM Spend £40.00, get £5.00 off - Code 5BLOOM Spend £75.00, get £10.00 off - Code 10BLOOM Spend £100.00, get £15.00 off - Code 15BLOOM Hope it's of use to you all.
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    Ultrasun Question/Advice

    Booked a week away in Gran Canaria. Which of these do you think would be the best for me? I'm very pale, don't tan, don't really like the sun & don't want to spend a fortune on Sun creams. or...
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    Joan Rivers has another facelift. Wonder if AY has a go at her behind the scenes?
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    What on earth are these? I thought the skulls were bad enough, but these are horrendous. I suppose that's why they're in Clearance.
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    Just when you think you've seen it all.................... I am totally lost for words. £56.00 and it isn't even a real signature!!
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    Andy Love - Actor?

    This was on MTV the other day, couldn't believe it when Andy Love popped up. 1min 17 seconds onwards. Ironic that he seems to be playing a market trader, because 12 years on he is still selling tat!
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    Northern Nights TSV

    Inc P & P, it's £48.00 for a set of 8 towels. Only it's not 8 towels is it? 4 face cloths 2 Hand Towels 2 Bath Towels. (Not even bath sheets). Do they not realise there's a recession on at the minute? Jeez, I can get 4 bath sheets from Dumelm for less than half that price.
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    Keeley from Elemis - How desperate??

    Okay, so the Beauty Awards. Liz Earle won - Liz Earle didn't turn up to collect the award. Bare Escentuals won - SJ & the other woman didn't turn up. OPI won - The woman (don't know her name), didn't turn up. Gatineau won - Andrew turned up in the afternoon, didn't turn up at night. (On...
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    It smells rank.

    Did anyone see JF & AY last night trying to work out how to use QVC's version of an ipad? They were trying to find reviews of this. Jill read out (on air) the first review. She stopped halfway...
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    Alice Temperley?

    Who is she, and what is her connection to Elemis? Should I have heard of her? Is she another Kelly Hoppen?
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    Mary Byrne (X-Factor)

    Another singer flogging their CD. I will probably end up buying though. My mother liked her on XF, so will get it for Mothers Day.
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    Testing on Animals

    On QVC, it only seems that Liz Earle ever mentions that her products aren't tested on animals & they are BUAV approved. This is the main reason we started using her stuff. We buy all our cleaning items (W-U-L, Washing powder etc) from the Co-op supermarket cos they are also BUAV approved but the...
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    Linda Barker photo frames

    They have had these on a couple of times and I quite liked the look of them, so I decided to place my first order with sit.up in three years. What a mistake. They are terrible. The glass doesn't line up in the frame corners & there are black marks under the mirror if you know what I mean? I...
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    Girls Aloud - Part 2

    Whatever happened to the girl group that Joy was managing? The one that JR's daughter was part of. At one time she couldn't keep her mouth shut about it. According to JR, they used every brand of make-up on themselves that QVC stocked.
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    Gems Extra presenter?

    GF was watching last night about 8.30pm. Is the blond haired presenter the one who used to be on IW flogging the hair removal laser? We had wondered what had happened to her.
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    QVC - Value

    Saw this in clearance. No, your eyes do not deceive you, QVC's fantastic offers are saving you a massive 85pence!!! They are sooooo good to us.
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    Tula Handbag guest

    Where do I know her from? Also, I felt like I was her gynacologist with the length of her skirt. If she had bent over we would have known what she had for lunch!!
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    Ice Grips

    Can anyone help me find an item number please? I am after some of those spiky thinks that you fit to your shoes to help walking in the snow & ice. My dad broke his hip earlier this year so was after buying him a pair. I know QVC do a few different ones, not bothered which I get. Anything would...