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  1. Aleksandr Orlov

    todays TSV vacuum

    Has anyone gone for this? I am thinking about it but not sure if its good value or a good make? I know its a good make for kettles etc but vacuums? any thoughts?
  2. Aleksandr Orlov

    Debbie Flint's shoes

  3. Aleksandr Orlov

    Peony artificial flowers trailer

    I'm sorry but how annoying is that woman?? How does one pronounce the word 'flowers'? Is is not flowers?? She seems to think its flaaas She's not even a cockney. I was brought up in Battersea and even I say FLOWERS ! omg I wanna throw summink at the screen!
  4. Aleksandr Orlov


    What does DF look like????????? I am not one of these presenter bashers and I really like her, but.... Omg cheap , rough cant think of words to describe without sounding really bitchy sorry debs
  5. Aleksandr Orlov

    Where's Julia?

    Haven't seen her on air for ages and last time I did she was looking a bit peeky?
  6. Aleksandr Orlov

    I saw Julian and Pipa at the doctors today!

    :mysmilie_17: Julian was doing something to do with walking to keep a healthy heart and Pippa was doing something to do with children. It was all on the tv screen at my surgery but the sound was off so I didn't know exactly what was going on but thought i would share it with you all!:mysmilie_12:
  7. Aleksandr Orlov

    I've ordered a Slanket!!!!!

    :clapping: me and 5000 others this hour! Am I sad??
  8. Aleksandr Orlov

    Helen the Van Dal shoes lady

    Get her on as a QVC presenter! she is fab and showing Anne Dawson how a presenters job should be done. She is entertaining but as the same time she is selling the product in a fun way and making you tune in and actually want to buy (not that I have) but not the boring hard sell of the current...
  9. Aleksandr Orlov

    Wayne Dyer TSV

    Anyone gone for this? I have just ordered as it takes 7hours to listen to the cds and I have a 30 day money back guarantee so I guessed it is worth the £4.45p&p and who knows it may just change my life!
  10. Aleksandr Orlov

    dont like the new graphics

    they remind me of the very early days or of when comedy progs do spoofs of shopping tv. there was nothing wrong with the graphics before? if it aint broke....:5:
  11. Aleksandr Orlov

    Tua viso

    Anybody tried this or seen the demos? what are your thoughts? Ive seen mixed reviews on the qvc website and its a lot of money to pay on a whim. Also if anyone has tried this or any similar pharadic gadgets how does it affrect you when you have fillings in your teeth? do you get a kind of...
  12. Aleksandr Orlov

    Diamonique repairs

    Hi all I have a lovely 18ct diamonique ring which I know is no longer in stock the other day I lost one of the stones in it and wonder if anyone has ever had a diamonique ring repaired or if it is possible to do so? I cant get on QVC website and thought I'd get more sense out of you guys than...
  13. Aleksandr Orlov

    Dell laptop

    did anyone else buy the dell laptop 2 weekends ago and if so have you received yet? Ours has not arrived and QVC just say its direct delivery and Dell will contact us...errrrrrr.When??
  14. Aleksandr Orlov

    Dell TSV

    My son needs a new comp and has been saving for an applemac but to me as a bit of a thicko when it comes to computers this one looks really good for the kind of thing he uses comps for,webcam,music ,games etc. He is still sleeping so hasnt seen yet and I wondered what others forumees thoughts...

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