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    T-shirt, top, topper!

    Are QVC customer care still in Knowsley do you get that famous accent? Or can you barely hear a word they say so you have to ring back multiple times? Perhaps they take your details and do nothing.Yes I had a frustrating experience with a beloved store recently and had a ‘world tour’ in the process.
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    Let’s be thankful 🥲

    I was part of that era! Apparently my Father wasn’t keen to see me coming down the Street with the Lentil soup I had made.My Bacon & Egg Pie was legendary though with rough puff pastry. I passed my GCE in Housecraft, had to write out the plan of our meal with the preparation methods and cooking...
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    Query about OTOs

    Now if I see something I might order on QVC, I go away think about it, look again, go away and think about it, go back think again, and decide no ,don’t need it.
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    Bit of piste here.........

    That outfit looks absolutely lovely, very classy which is something very lacking so often these days.Hope your granddaughter had a wonderful time.
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    Gatineau TSV 11/3/23

    There is a review mentioning manufacturing dates and the need to check.Surprised that got through.
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    Brenda Edwards TSV 7/3/23

    Blame the underlings although Ruthie is good at the ‘I have done this’, ‘I think that ’ I would be surprised if she gets past placing a tick/ brief comment against the selection put together for her to cast her ‘designer eye’ over.
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    Who is this Rezzi ??

    I saw her the other day, I think peddling MW. Found her voice too sharp for my tender ears like a chainsaw cutting through ice.
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    Brenda Edwards TSV 7/3/23

    I think the bit of material known as the belt was meant to cover that waist seam, but with the waist being too high, on the models at least the ‘belt‘ would find the natural waistline, leaving the gap between the two.The ‘designer’ missed that hour in her design school education, or maybe took a...
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    Brenda Edwards TSV 7/3/23

    Just seen a bit of Ruthie’s offerings with a short denim jacket that even on the slimmest of models doesn’t look as though it will button.Then looking at the size chart the bust measurements just go up in 1” increments.I think I would need to order 4 sizes up ( not that I am in any danger of...
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    OH, Pleeeeease !

    Very sorry for your loss, now look after yourself your Mother would have wanted that.It takes time but you will remember the better times and smile again.xx
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    Brenda Edwards TSV 7/3/23

    I wasn’t going to admit I had to Google her!
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    Brenda Edwards TSV 7/3/23

    Is this another celeb who has taken the 2week course in fashion design which includes pattern cutting and all aspects of garment production and marketing? Thought so rather QVC choosing a name they can stick on the latest consignment from ? looking at the pics, —small point but is the ‘belt’...
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    Q is for Quick!

    Isn’t it the same on holiday websites? ‘Only two rooms left’ & those 2 rooms are still around weeks later.
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    They look great and easy to use but I cannot wear one on my back, the way they are designed because of the security issue.If you are out walking/ cycling then OK shouldn’t be an issue but for travel for me a definite no.
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    QVC Return 21st Century Experience

    I posted an experience with a ‘beloved’ dept. store in another thread but seems it is a lottery as to who you deal with in these firms.When it goes right, time to celebrate!
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    Returns department refusing returned earrings.

    Returns! This is not a QVC comment so admin might pull the plug on me?! I decided to order a carpet cleaner from my favourite store of which I have no wrong said against, usually! Took delivery and in assembly I encountered a fault, or problem which I needed advice on.Went to manufacturer’s...
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    OH, Pleeeeease !

    I did have a grant to live on when I first started college (mid 60’s) can’t remember how much but it had to cover everything, rent for bed sit, food, all college materials,bus fares, train home at end of term etc. I just made it stretch for the term but once went overdrawn by about £2 ( think...
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    Kipling TSV 10/03/23

    The prices are getting towards ‘luxury’, unfortunately not the goods.
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    Who produced that monstrosity of a dress? Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.To think I used to cringe at Yong Kim.
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    Got to Have It Day TSV 16/03/23

    ‘Got to have it day’ is certainly not a Kim & Co., well not for me! I have had some pieces years ago but caught sight of some trousers the other day, truly not something I would want at any price.