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  1. madaunty

    T-shirt, top, topper!

    I’d have handed her a knife. 🙂
  2. madaunty

    Thank goodness

    A work colleague once nicked a fellow worker’s Man Utd teddy bear and took it various adventures which he documented on the bears own FB page. I persuaded him to let me take the bear on a weekend trip to Liverpool where I continued his adventures. I even took him into Anfield to watch a...
  3. madaunty

    Let’s be thankful 🥲

    Have never watched the “normal” Bake Off, has just never appealed to me…despite a fondness for cake. I do watch the Celeb (I use the term loosely in some cases) version as it does have some wonderful moments of complete disaster in it. However, I don’t quite believe any of them when they say...
  4. madaunty

    Keeley - The Skin Whisperer

    I never watch Elemis shows but I gather from reading posts on here that Keeley is not adverse to suggesting a multi layering regime. So, not so much whispering to the skin as hollering at it through a megaphone.
  5. madaunty

    Ninja TSV 14/3/22

    The Ninja website has a accessories and spares page. Hoping I won’t need it yet though as only got the dual drawer one a couple of weeks ago. Been watching for it to come back into stock at Argos since Christmas. I love it…..though I’d love it even more with a longer electrical cord.
  6. madaunty

    Melissa's Hair

    I remember years ago when Marie Francoise did her first Kipling show. She was sat at a table displaying a rogue clip in extension which threatened to fall out everytime she moved.
  7. madaunty

    Australian Bodycare TSV 27/2/23

    Exactly. Just that nowadays people feel inclined to bellow it from the rooftops. I think the majority of us really don’t give a toss about how people choose to live their lives, just get on with it and stop trying to make an issue out of everything. That just results in alienating more people?
  8. madaunty

    Australian Bodycare TSV 27/2/23

    Mr MA doesn’t have a lot of time for all of this. If he sees someone on telly who’s gender is not immediately obvious, he’s been known to ask if they’re male or female or identifying as a toaster.
  9. madaunty

    Australian Bodycare TSV 27/2/23

    This is perfect timing, I've just about run out of the skin wash. So it's a "no brainer" for me. Love the stuff and this amount will keep me going for at least 18 months I suspect.
  10. madaunty

    Ben De Lisi TSV 22/02/23

    I quite like the black/white floral one. Like the length and the collar. But won’t be buying, I don’t need any more smart tops.
  11. madaunty

    More and More beauty tsv's !

    There’s one already. Also known as a hairdressers apprentice…..l
  12. madaunty

    Lock & Lock TSV 20/2/23

    Thank the dear lord it’s a 25 piece set. I love L & L the way some people love MB, Elemis, and Harry Whatsisname. But even I know I don’t need another 25.
  13. madaunty

    Heys Luggage TSV 15/02/23

    Ah, 4 piece Durex luggage…carry on size for the small ones, medium and large for the more generously endowed and XL for the liars.
  14. madaunty

    Wynne Layers TSV 9/02/23

    I avoid white generally, I’m far too messy. I once wore a white t shirt to breakfast at a hotel. Spilled egg yolk on it and then tried to clean it off with a black serviette…..🙄 I could have passed as a bit of modern art by the time I’d finished….
  15. madaunty

    Nikki & Me QVC Premiere

    This was puzzling me as well, so I went to DF’s website to try and find out (can’t be doing with an unsolved puzzle). Found the blog and I suspect it’s referring to Will Gowling’s QVC podcast, where he’s talking with NIkki and Anna. Wondering if she used a voice control thingummy to dictate blog...
  16. madaunty

    Crystal Kobe

    Down a google rabbit hole…found this
  17. madaunty

    Style for the Season TSV 02/02/23

    Tons of room. my phone is 6.5 inches by 3 and there’s still 2” clearance at the side and 1.5” at the top. It will take a Kindle Paperwhite (without case) as well as the phone and still zip up. Not that you’d need to as Kindle app on phone, but just to give an idea on size. The strap is very...
  18. madaunty

    Style for the Season TSV 02/02/23

    I have a Dotty bag bought a while back when they first showed them. It's a lovely little bag.....but...the D rings for the strap are affixed to the front of the bag and mean it doesn't always hang right. So I tend to wear it turned the other way. Very useful for weekends away when travelling...
  19. madaunty

    Supper Club by Althams Fine Foods TSV 30/01/23

    Haven’t watched the presentation yet but having looked at their own website and read some of the FAQ, the oven cooking is to enable them to meet restaurant standard. I imagine these are very much like the Charlie Bingham meals available in supermarkets. They also have to be cooked from scratch...
  20. madaunty

    Abi Cleeve bought SBC?

    I saw her name alongside it on the Companies House website whilst I was faffing around trying to find info on something a couple of weeks ago.