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  1. caretodiffer

    05/09/22 - 11/09/22 Big Deals

    Whenever I click on the links you post, I get this :rolleyes: Oh dear, this seems to have been popular! Why not take a look at what else our customers are snapping up? And it says item sold out .
  2. caretodiffer

    Katherine Goldsmith

    She did not have the enthusiasm in her voice when she used those words. Shame really:cautious:
  3. caretodiffer

    Alison Young

    So did I 🤦🏼‍♀️ She is a kind lady. I don't mind her at all. Recently I saw an old picture of her and she was lovely in it .Shame she piled on so much weight and some of the clothes that she chooses to war does not do her any favours.. Wishing her a very speedy recovery (y)🌷🌷 You are right about...
  4. caretodiffer

    Ruth Langsford Fashion TSV 10/09/22

    Oh yes, they should fear "the newest designer" !! I will be sick of the same fixed smile and the " I put" " my designs have the metal chain " " I thought I will " when we all know she copied ideas from other designers :rolleyes: Her prices are very high for what they are. I have not and will...
  5. caretodiffer

    Q repackaged garments

    I was once sent a pair of Emu boots that was worn by someone else and a top that was obviously worn by someone else:mad: They were both sent back of course
  6. caretodiffer

    Don't Bother

    I used to look at Lagenlook when Yong Kim and Joins used to sell clothes in QVC . This one Emeli Outline Flower top in white looks lovely and comfy.
  7. caretodiffer

    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    I did not know that they were related :oops:This forum is a small google 😂 I used to watch Alex in The Hotel Inspector programs .
  8. caretodiffer

    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    I do agree with those who say that she is a good ambassador for Molton Brown. I love Molton Brown and remember the times they were not easily available and many years ago I used to stock up whenever I went to London.. They always used to put some freebies at Harrods and their own shop in...
  9. caretodiffer

    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    She does fancy herself :eek:
  10. caretodiffer


    Annaliese will sell her soul to be chosen, I am sure. She is forever posing . She was embarrassing to watch on a Julien Macdonaldon presenting, I thought she was desperately wanting him to choose her as one of his models 🤦‍♀️ Then there is June Poster who was sashaying with Ophelia the other...
  11. caretodiffer

    Where and why have the ladies gone ???

    I used to watch create and craft quite often years ago and used to love watching Dawn Bibby. I have got a lot of stuff and even joined the club (still have the badge).I still peep in once in a while . I wish they included envelopes with their card making kits. Nowadays almost all of them use...
  12. caretodiffer

    Periea TSV 29/08/22

    I put a laughing smilie because I know a few people whose surname is Pereira, and next time if and when I see them, I will see a pear tree:D
  13. caretodiffer

    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    My goodness!! I have just had a look at the link you posted, she does fancy herself, doesn't she? :oops: It is time someone told her that she is no longer the lamb, but very much the mutton . I very much support the freedom of dressing , but there is a limit, I think she will be doing herself...
  14. caretodiffer

    Ali Keenan slow down

    She goes on for a long time and then takes a breath, but talks through that as well, amazing !!:oops:
  15. caretodiffer

    Ali Keenan slow down

    I have mentioned about this problem of hers in this forum a long time ago. She used to make me feel breathless just watching her:D
  16. caretodiffer

    Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless - Battery Life

    Thank you for replying Cashers🌷🌷 I have ordered one . I went also to Amazon to read the reviews . I thought I will give it a try, it definitely will be an item on 60 day trial. The Oreck vacuum cleaner I bought from QVC long time ago,( long discontinued from QVC.) It was a good vac but while I...
  17. caretodiffer

    Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless - Battery Life

    Thank you, boffy .🌷🌷
  18. caretodiffer

    Marla's Cape Coat

    She did look ridiculous / theatrical in it :ROFLMAO:
  19. caretodiffer

    Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless - Battery Life

    May I please ask if anyone here has got a Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner? If you have , how long is its battery life? Thank you🙏
  20. caretodiffer


    Lenny passed away .