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    Query about OTOs

    I think that now OTO’s are mostly just stock they can’t get rid of.
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    Query about OTOs

    I agree, they now seem to be just another ploy to think we are getting a fabulous bargain. I remember many years ago, watching in bed, and a lovely red handbag suddenly came on as an OTO. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to the phone (days before I had a mobile phone!) and managed to order...
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    Skechers Footware TSV 18/03/23

    Anne Dawson boasts a large collection of Sketchers. I have two pairs (from TK MAXX) and that’s enough for my needs. I find I have to go down a full size, I am a standard size 6, but wear size 5 in Sketchers.
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    Michael Perrys Garden TSV 25/03/23

    I’d have trouble getting out of that chair! It wouldn’t be a pretty sight!
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    Those promos were probably recorded a couple of months ago.
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    Tempur TSV 17/03/23

    I’m afraid Jill can be extremely rude to some people. I commented some time ago about her attitude toward Jacquie Joseph, and I also noticed her rudeness yesterday with the TSV. She certainly has her favourites! She throws her arms around some of the guests/BA’s/models and greets them like long...
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    Liz Earle TSV 26/3/23

    I buy the re usable ones
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    Liz Earle TSV 26/3/23

    I don’t spray directly onto my face, but find it less messy and less wasteful to spray onto cotton wool face pads.
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    Liz Earle TSV 26/3/23

    I always decant mine into a spray bottle.
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    Hotel Chocolat TSV 15/03/23

    I agree about the hair. She doesn’t even bother to move it so its down behind her back , rather than have it hanging in front.
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    Gatineau TSV 11/3/23

    I bought it as a one time only on Feb 8th, when it was £41.98. It’s a lovely set, and good vfm. Although I don’t get on with their neck cream, their face products are very good.
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    Have the models

    There are now older models with awful white/grey unruly hair. Please introduce them to the many hair styling products that QVC are awash with!
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    Have the models

    As most of the time the models are sent out looking a right holy show, perhaps it’s as well that their opinions remain unsaid!
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    Isn't it time that......

    Jill and Anne seem to be showing their original pics. from when they first joined. Julia has a lot of flesh on show (surprise surprise)
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    Who is this Rezzi ??

    She came from the style channel, along with the annoying Brummie one.
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    Brenda Edwards TSV 7/3/23

    Another ‘loud’, ‘big personality’ z list sleb, with signature annoying laugh, who we are led to believe personally designs her range. Having said that, I don’t dislike Brenda Edwards, even though I have no idea who she is. Due to the fact that she seems prone to bursting into song, I assume she...
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    L’occitane TSV 05/03/23

    They’re still trying to offload the lavender version of the 2021 Xmas TSV!
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    Q is for Quick!

    In most of the midnight TSV presentations, within the first ten minutes or so we are urged to buy straight away, as it’s flying out, and maybe won’t be available in the morning.( DF is the worst )Fast forward 24 hours, and it usually hasn’t sold out, or even limited. Many of the beauty sets...
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    She's getting worse

    All adorned with the much coveted RWL logo!