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    Denim & Co fashion

    This show has 2 men talking and showing women's fashion,Charlie and Glen Campbell, where are the women presenters?
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    Proto-Col TSV 02/03/23

    Now todays TSV, has he jumped ship from IW also?
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    Will QVC prosper if Ideal World go under!

    Was surprised to see Protocol as TSV today on QVC, he has been with IW for years
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    Finery London TSV 28/02/23

    Poor Jilly looks awful in it, especially teemed up with grey trainers, she looks like someones granny.
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    Bargain-don't delay-2p off special offer

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    Where are they ?

    I watch a lot less lately because the prices of many QVC items are astronomical, however when I have flicked through there seems to be a lot of new presenters, have any of the older presenters left?
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    Polti iron and board

    And yet again the same Polti iron and board is back at 7.15am, will they ever sell out of this item?????
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    Evri Chaos means its already too late for Q to get it delivered for Christmas.

    I had the previous TSV files and really liked them so ordered these for presents, work well.on my nails
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    Delivery problems?

    Well I bought a ring and paid for it, I was told it had been dispatched and then a week later they sent an email to say sorry it was sold out and they had to cancel the order, most peculiar
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    Evri Chaos means its already too late for Q to get it delivered for Christmas.

    I ordered the nail file TSV Thursday afternoon and it was delivered by Evri last night, excellent service from all concerned.
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    I wonder which acting school the presenters go to

    Yesterday afternoon they had a 14 ct gold 20" chain for sale, they sold 4 when suddenly one of them said OMG it's 14 ct not 9 ct , the price we've got is for 9ct, can we stop the sale? They then quoted the most ridiculous price for 14 ct per gram, they said w will allow the 4 we 've sold but...
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    Skechers on IW

    Flicking thro this morning and Skechers trainers were being demo'd, QVC and IW seem to be sharing the selling of several brands lately.
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    Beauty Gala

    So 3 presenters now chatting a load of rubbish, why 3??? And have they run out of tat to sell.
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    £20 Is the new £5

    This morning Dean said £20 is the new £5 and another item was only £10, well to me £20 is still £20 and in the current climate £10 is still £10, a considerable amount, or maybe l am just living on the poverty line.
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    Ben de Lisi did you look in the mirror?

    My goodness, why would anyone be interested in your clothing advice when you cannot even wear a jacket that fits you!!!!! Cannot post a pic but look at video of him at midnight.
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    Gatineau and Andrew

    Has Andrew stopped presenting Gatineau products? When scrolling through lately I've only seen the lady who usually demonstrates it but is much better at presenting it and hopefully she will continue as the brand ambassador.
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    Linda Lusardi

    Linda is on today with Sally presenting Joe Browns clothing.
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    Polti iron and board

    And the same iron is back but without the ironing board , 30% of stock gone at 7.50am!!!!!! IW must have had the complete stock of this iron as it has been around for years now!!!
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    Random musings and general banter.

    I was shocked at the prices of the Tupperware
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    Vicky Carr

    Yes l saw that too