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    Peter Sherlock

    Let your mask run through it's normal cycle, around 10 minutes per light, then depending on your area of concern- aging (red) etc just for it's cycle. You can use the device daily or every other day, then go to once a week" after a month just for "maintenance". Oils are a no no with devices...
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    Peter Sherlock

    I agree with the vast amount of your post :) The Glow Mask pro is a brilliant device, £249 is a "fair price"- Q's "glow mask" that had dire reviews was quite a bit more than £249 and didn't have the lifetime warranty Opatra provide. I have both the original Glow Mask and the Glow Mask Pro, as...
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    Presenters "negotiating" prices?

    I believe Derek is responsible for a fair bit of the background music too, the ones that play in the background while waiting for "auction frenzy" to build, the heartbeat type music etc.
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    Why can’t they just tell you the price?

    It's not an Opatra gadget this time, It's a TENS type device for the face, but still silly priced.
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    Why can’t they just tell you the price?

    Try watch the TJC Beauty channel too, sometimes the Luxe Brush is aired there too, and also you can send a text message in to ask when it might be back on. A word of caution tho, you mention cancer, you would need to check if you can use the brush if you are undergoing chemo currently. The brush...
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    New presenter

    There was another new presenter on a couple of evenings ago, female, blonde, not come across her before but wasnt a fan. Maybe she will settle presenting wise after a few shifts.
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    What's up with TJC and Opatra

    Whilst he's not your "A typical" beauty presenter/guest i find him ok.
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    What's up with TJC and Opatra

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    What's up with TJC and Opatra

    Marianne is the best, for obvious reasons, knows her "stuff" and has the best tips. She's also really good at answering questions too. I know she can be Marmite but i also like Chloe presenting too.
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    What's up with TJC and Opatra

    Opatra are one of TJC's best selling brands, if not the biggest selling brand. Their devices are very good and i assume not everyone watches TJC Beauty (i flick between the 2, depending who is hosting) so that will probably be why they are showing them on main channel. I own a few Opatra devices...
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    Buy this for just £100.....

    Starting to get a bit annoying now, Items clearly on multiple budget pay but presenters stating "you can get this today for just £100". No mention of the further number of instalments needed monthly afterwards. It's quite misleading to newer watchers. Vicki predominantly and Mark more recently...
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    Craig Norriss

    I think you are meaning Craig Rooke, was with Gemporia/Gems TV (as it was originally) then jumped ship and went to work on the US channels and has ended up back with TJC/Shop LC (US TJC)
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    Turkizite ring-Tony Diniz insulting

    I'm a big fan of TJC, love the deals and some of the products. Yes there's quite a bit of "meh" items, but if you watch and ignore a lot of the waffle there are some good deals to be had. Tony is there to do the "hard sell" i think, he did the same on other channels he's worked with. He brings...
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    They are getting worse. I am a Plus customer and ordered an item 17th October. Still awaiting the order, Today i have been 3 different scenario's about the same order, 1) It has been cancelled, 2) It's been refunded, 3) Stock was damaged when due to ship, and also "your order has been dispatched...
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    For the 2nd Time in 24 years, Q Miss me.

    I had one today too, "would £5 off tempt you back?" ...........
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    9K Gold is usually the most durable form of Gold. 10k is American standard. 22K is not as durable for every day wear.
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    Sending a ring by Hermes!

    Only very occasionally, ironically i dont think it was a cheap one either! They are branching out tho, odd items via Amazon as well as Hermes and RM.
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    Leighton Denny

    TJC are really the more "laid back, less up themselves" channel, Q becomes a very hard watch at times. I noted Leighton getting into a fluster about needing to move on, not run out of time, but Chloe reassuring him "we'll just carry on til we've done everything, we're far less structured than...
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    Peter Sherlock

    Personally i dont mind him, ok yes he's a bit OTT at times, the orange bleached hair a bit naff, BUT if you watched his very first shows at TJC and saw his "wrinkles and bags" (yes i know, lots of people have them, me included so i'm not knocking him) then, and now since using many products sold...
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    Rachel Galley show Today 4-5

    Thank you, only caught the last 15-20 minutes or so, noticed Mark was meant to be presenting but there's been a few switched shifts this week so didnt realise Mark had been taken ill.