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    Bit of piste here.........

    A fabulous picture.
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    Michael Perrys Garden TSV 25/03/23

    Flippin’ eck not chairs again - does this one have wheels which allow one to go around the garden planting and weeding and shoving Flower Power over everything?
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    Isn't it time that......

    Please …. I have a Persian cat and he is beautiful … lol
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    Any news of the missing one?
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    Let’s be thankful 🥲

    I find Noel as ‘bit strange’ …
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    Has Margaret Dabbs jumped ship and moved to IW?

    The reviews are good - will try when I need to purchase more M Dabbs products ..
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    Isn't it time that......

    Whatever happened to the presenters blogs?
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    Brenda Edwards TSV 7/3/23

    Recycled polly ester at that! Wonder what goes into that?
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    Brenda Edwards TSV 7/3/23

    Oh dear - another market stall offering …
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    Brenda Edwards TSV 7/3/23

    Hope one doesn’t need to have a pee urgently …
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    Why oh why ....

    Is she still hosting ‘writers retreats’ in Sheepdip or whatever itis called?
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    The end of the line?

    Goodbye IW …
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    It looks like one of Moira C’s offerings - perhaps one can fashion a pair of trousers out of it as well …
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    Random musings and general banter.

    I guess most watches are ‘all the same’ - they tell the time …
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    Where is Loen Love?

    Sad news regarding Loen ..
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    Proto-Col TSV 02/03/23

    Another one from IW?
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    Frank Usher TSV 23/02/23

    How wonderful another fire risk, 100% polly ester offering.
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    Lifestyle closing down

    Thank goodness it’s over …
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    Gemporia - struggling financially?

    FGS …
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    Estee Lauder TSV 19/2/23

    I was rather underwhelmed by the Advanced Night Repair serum…