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  1. Toril

    Elemis TSV 02/04/23

    I tried their small duo of micellar water and a tube of their marine cream with SPF30 a while ago. The micellar water stung my eyes and the marine cream made my skin go red. That was my first and last experience of Elemis so, as usual, I won’t be watching QVC that day.
  2. Toril

    Little QVC book Spring 2023

    They’d attract more customers if the voucher could be applied without a minimum spend. There’s no way that I’d spend £40 or £60 in order to get £5 or £10 off, especially when a lot of their products can be sourced more cheaply elsewhere. A real bargain was one that I got on Amazon. I ordered...
  3. Toril

    Amazon TSV 16/4/23

    Whatever the TSV is, it will probably be Lee Holbein rabbiting on and telling us very little during that day. 🙄
  4. Toril

    Thank goodness

    I won £500 worth of garden things in a competition. As well as everything else that I received, there were three gnomes in the box that were holding little solar lanterns. I gave them to my elderly neighbour who was delighted as they are “company” for the others that she’s got. I don’t “do”...
  5. Toril

    Ecoegg TSV 22/03/23

    I’d never thought of boiling them to use in other ways. I’ll give than a whirl. Thank you,
  6. Toril

    Ecoegg TSV 22/03/23

    I used to use these but, like May’s husband, thought my washing started to smell musty. I now use soap nuts and the Ecoegg ones were binned.
  7. Toril

    Let’s be thankful 🥲

    I’m surprised that Andi Peters hasn’t jumped on to the baking bandwagon as well. Like Alison, he seems to be on the television every five minutes.
  8. Toril

    Plant2Garden TSV 19/03/23

    I must be lucky then, although I rang them up rather than emailing them, because they couldn’t have been more helpful when I contacted them. A lot of damage with plants could be attributed to the courier and a delay in delivery because 99% of the time plants from them arrive well packaged and...
  9. Toril


    I sold the majority of my diamonique jewellery, mainly rings, to a local jeweller, because I no longer wear it. I also included a couple of gold rings, from Bid TV 😳, and a broken gold chain. I took it to him in an envelope. He obviously wasn’t interested in the diamonique stones but gave me...
  10. Toril

    Plant2Garden TSV 19/03/23

    I’ll probably go for these as well as Plants2gardens plants etc are great quality and you don’t have to faff about waiting for a tiny cutting to grow. I’ve already got their achillea vintage plants on order and they’re due for dispatch at the beginning of April so I’ll be busy in the garden...
  11. Toril

    Hotel Chocolat TSV 15/03/23

    I don’t rate Hotel Chocolat at all having tried it in the past. I also hope, when they’re preparing it en masse in the factory, that the chocolatiers wear hats or nets because otherwise you are likely to find hair in your chocolates. Having that girl in the studio with long hair dangling all...
  12. Toril

    Elemis TSV 12/02/23

    Although I never use Elemis, the skin whisperer is a very odd “title” to adopt. It makes her sound like someone who treats skin complaints like eczema or psoriasis, rather than promoting skin care. 😳
  13. Toril

    Can I email QVC?

    On advanced orders it is possible to cancel an order via your account after you log in and click on the item in your orders. I’m not sure whether it is the same with auto deliveries though. However, I’ve just Googled “QVC’s customer services email address” and when I clicked on it, I got this...
  14. Toril

    Kipling TSV 10/03/23

    I agree, which is why I deleted it from my basket. 😉 I’ve never been someone who has dozens of handbags or pairs of shoes to match what I wear. My bag is black and goes with everything. I’ve never been swayed by designer accessories either.
  15. Toril

    Marverine Cole

    From the BBC website in February. Veteran broadcaster Steve Allen has announced he is to leave the LBC radio station after 44 years. On Friday, the 68-year-old tweeted: "My contract with LBC is up shortly and, following discussions, I'm stepping down from LBC today. I'd like to thank you all...
  16. Toril

    Kipling TSV 10/03/23

    I missed the presentation, only catching the end of it, so I put the black one into my basket and then watched the video. It only has one main section, as well as the front drop down bit, and that made my mind up. I removed it from my basket. I currently have a black bag with 2 main zipped...
  17. Toril

    OH, Pleeeeease !

    I wonder how women coped before all the publicity about the menopause. 🤔 I was lucky and sailed through mine but, had I had problems, I would have gone to my GP rather than buy lotions and potions recommended by a shopping channel or the media.
  18. Toril

    Nails Inc TSV 24/02/23

    I use that all the time and my nails are now long and strong. I usually get it from Look Fantastic, but recently stocked up when QVC were selling 4 tubes in crackers (I binned the crackers) because they were a very good deal.
  19. Toril

    Beauty Pick of the Month with Free P&P

    I bought it, although my neck isn’t bad. It’s the only neck cream I’ve used that doesn’t make my neck feel sticky because it sinks straight in, unlike other brands that I’ve tried in the past. It will last me for absolute ages. I do use other EG products anyway so thought I’d give it a whirl.
  20. Toril

    Got to Have It Day TSV 16/03/23

    There’s nothing that I’ve “got to have” from QVC unless they offer free P&P on everything for a year, while they’re celebrating their 30th anniversary. 😉