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    Random musings and general banter.

    Oh my, I haven't posted in here for years. Thank you all for keeping my thread going (I hope you've enjoyed it) and I hope you are all well.
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    Does Katy P work for free?

    She is on all the time it seems. Now I know really that due to travel, it makes sense that the presenters work in blocks... but it seems that whenever I turn on the television to qvc, Katy P is on there. I assume forumers feel this way about other presenters, but I felt the urge to articulate...
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    Not so best channel after all.

    Gone from freeview for some reason.
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    Best craft channel

    I agree with much of what has already been said. It looks less like they are in a warehouse and the presenting itself is often very good (there will always be nitpicks but they are much fewer than other shopping channels at the moment) Debbie Shore is perfect for a channel that is less hard...
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    Pat the Quilling Lady

    I like Barbara (the lady who does stamps I think), she comes across as quite stern but I admire her confidence in what she does.
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    Hochanda Presenters

    I thought Lee was ok. He came across to me as someone who was trying to be interested in something he wouldn't stereotypically be interested in though the whisk guy I referenced before actually said he is known as ''the padre of the pudding'' i'd have said he was something else.
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    Hochanda Presenters

    Matt was on there in the last hour. I thought Lee Clark was fairly good on there. Not too keen on Mark Pickett, the guy who was a guest expert on qvc and in Australia etc. Just seems to be a place for people that cannot get on the other channels or have burned their bridges (I don't know that...
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    Hochanda - loads of repeats?

    I find it quite silly that they advertise loads of different people that are supposed to be having shows on the channel but really they only have the loom/proggy woman and the colouring in ginger lady.
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    Hochanda is off the air! (As of 5:20AM 09/09/2015)

    It truly is a shower of sh#t stamps, dies or car cleaner on rotation. plus the presenters are clearly a case of who was available and not hired by the craft channel. The same adverts with these people rarely if ever, actually given an hour. Not impressed.
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    Hochanda is off the air! (As of 5:20AM 09/09/2015)

    I like the variety but they are really playing fast and loose with the term 'hobby' washing cars? surely that's a job (and one people don't enjoy doing at that) ??
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    The picture quality is awful

    you are all wrong!! haven't we all sat and watched shopping telly and thought to ourselves ''this is ok, but it would be much better if it was filmed in the dark... and not live... but shown in fast forward (I swear that happened an hour ago)''
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    The most Eco Friendly Channel ?

    I think it is amazing. It is truly a technical marvel. I love watching selly telly filmed in the dark. I love how a garment steamer is considered a craft/hobby through slick wording. I love how a guy that usually demonstrates ladders (on bid) or spray painters (on IW) is now a craft...
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    Christmas in July!

    I know it's a regular fixture on qvc and shopping tv in general but was surprised to see there wasn't a thread commenting on it. (apologies if there was/is and I have missed it) I consider myself quite fair towards shopping tv and it's presenters but if I have to hear the words ''chase me'' in...
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Good morning everyone. I did a similar thread on the bid tv forum and seeing as this channel this clearly morphing into that entity, I felt it may be appropriate to continue in the same vein. I wonder who looked at bid TV's business model, saw it piss money up the wall and decided ''that will...
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    Rae Carpenter

    I love rae, think she is fantastic. Not seen anything on here about her so thought i'd just profess my undying love. Bless her.
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    random thoughts or observations

    Hi everyone there doesn't seem to be a place to put those thoughts that don't quite need a thread of their own... but don't fit in with the current threads so hopefully they can be put in here. I think Kathy Tayler is fantastic at her job and more so as a q personality
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    Random musings/no argument zone

    just like the shopping channel bubble, but i'd like to keep the emphasis on observations and fun. James Russell's opening line after following Peter Sherlock and Jenny Topp... ''you don't see many father an daughter acts on television anymore'' quite amusing