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    Ruth Langsford's New Parka

    I was just about to post the same thing. I’ve had a few excellent quilted coats from Primark. At leat 6 years old so the quality might have gone downhill now.
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    No matter how many - - -

    Nothing like putting on a brand new pair of socks. I would love to do that every day in winter.
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    Forum changes

    For someone who says there are nasty people in group, your icon isn’t very funny or pleasant. Says ‘Suck this bitches’
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    Holden's face !!

    I like the colours but not the design. Birds with horrible claws. She will hardly benefit from it as it’s on her back too. It seems to be about showing your wealth and taste. I’m happy to be understated. I did have my eyes tattooed. I would do it again but it was a hideous experience even...
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    Kipling TSV 14/2/22

    I have a bag like this. In fact I’m on the 2nd one because I like the quick access to my phone which is that top pocket. They usually come in right hand and left hand versions but often only RHS ones which is a pity as I’m left handed
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    A friend of mine got a pendant from a charity shop

    It is 925 silver and both the chain and the pendant with a .50 carat look brand new. She took it to 2 jewellers who told her the stone was a diamond. I searched for it on a couple of the cheap jewellers who have it as a set with CZ earrings in SS for £60. I’m almost certain it is CZ. Very...
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    Lola Rose TSV - Jewellery Day 19/03/22

    I bought some elastic cord from a craft shop and was able to restring it after my silver bead bracelet had pinged all over the bedroom floor. Took me days to find all the beads. The hardest bit was tying a knot. In the end I made the knot and glued it. I probably could have heated the knot...
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    Modern Bedroom

    From what companies do you buy your electronics from? Everything I have is made in China. My new router from Vodafone is Chinese too.
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    Three Easy Pay On Cozee Home.

    I just love CH. I sleep under the empty duvet cover with just an ordinary sheet on the bed. I like it because it doesn’t weigh much. I’m a tosser and turner and if my bed clothes are heavy I wake up tired. My bedroom is 14c.
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    Qurio - a socially interesting documentary!

    SLast thing I bought were the thick Kochblume microfibre cloths. Fantastic. I gave them as presents too. Only kept one for myself. Regret that as they are fantastic.
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    Diamonique Design Of The Month

    I have a lovely pavé ring in silver from QVC. It looks as good as the real thing in daylight.
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    The velvetiser!

    Aren’t you all worried about the number of calories in these hot chocolate drinks? I’ve tried the low calorie drinks in the past, such as Options, but I dislike the artificial sweeteners.
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    Cozy Home Challenge

    I wear a thick dressing gown over my clothes and just cast it off if someone comes to the door.
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    Fitbit TSV 30/10/21

    I’m still using a Fitbit Alta. I also have a Galaxy Smartwatch 2. They record different results but it doesn’t really bother me.
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    I know I'm late to the party. . .

    I had it in winter 2020. The reason it stopped was I was in lockdown for 12 weeks in Spain and we were not allowed to even go out and exercise for about 2 months so my feet got a good rest. I think got it from wearing Converse trainers that had no arch support. I’ve since bought the Chuck...
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    I've received my statement ! ! !

    I’ve got the same Kuhn Rikon. I use it for asparagus and salad potatoes.
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    Diamonique Day TSV 03/09/21

    I t took 18 months for one of my piercings to heal and it was done in a pharmacy. I persisted, though I should have probably given up and it was pusy and weeped.
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    They've changed my favourite coffee....gggrrr!

    I’m drinking the Kenco Millicano instant coffee at the moment as we are on holiday and no cafetière provided. Took a few cups to get used to it. I’ll try the decaf one as it’s about time I cut out the caffeine.
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    For the 2nd Time in 24 years, Q Miss me.

    I suppose the boys think it is Spring again but the girls know it is autumn.
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    Hisense TSV 29/07/21

    We have a 48” hisense. It’s got a great picture