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    Judith Williams TSV 23/3/23

    I watched some of the hour, thinking I might give JW a whirl. I felt Judith was battling against the tide of Alison rabbiting on about how long they’ve stocked this range and other irrelevancies. I really didn’t find out what it might do for me. Judith was polite and smiley but normally she’s...
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    Beauty Loves TSV 14/02/23

    So it’s a cleansing tool with a bit of magic massage? That’s all I could make of the extensive blurb. I did understand the price though🤣🤣🤣oh dear.
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    Nikki & Me QVC Premiere

    Oh that makes sense, thank you! I still don’t like it - wonder who came up with it. Are they trying to suggest Nikki is our friend? Lola Rose had a much better ring to it.
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    Nikki & Me QVC Premiere

    I haven’t watched any of this so can anyone tell me why it’s Nikki and me? She’s Nikki so who’s the me? Or is it double Nikki?🤔 Whatever it is, it’s not exactly catchy.
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    Many many moons ago Frank Usher was a good label to be found in nice department stores. I have no idea what went wrong but poor June is a lovely lady from the old days who gamely plugs away trying to sell todays ghastly offerings. Maybe she needs the cash or just a reason to get up in the...
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    OOerr Ali 😱

    She has trouble with the English language but really!
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    Vionic Footware TSV 27/01/23

    Athleisure??? Purleeeze.
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    Alpha-H TSV 26/1/23

    I thought Tom had gone off to write a book. He is a loss to the brand though. He was of course upset at Michelle’s death but it would have been a nice tribute to her and her business if he hadn’t scarpered with unseemly haste. After all, Michelle did a lot for his profile and career.
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    Craig Rowe - A Place in the Sun

    I don’t mind Jackie Joseph at all. She’s pleasant and easy on the ear. None of them are real experts but she doesn’t have me reaching for the remote so good luck to her. She’s a decent presenter.
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    Nikki & Me QVC Premiere

    Well she wasted no time, I haven’t even registered her absence. Wonder what this is all about.
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    Elizabeth Grant TSV 18/01/23

    It’s strange how packaging can have such an impact. I agree about the naff gems but the circular pots took me straight back to a time bomb tsv that I bought and really disliked years ago. I was seriously considering this set until I saw how it looked.
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    30th Promo

    I see they’re offering 3 easy pays to ‘discover qvc’ as part of the festivities. Wouldn’t it be nice if every discover hour had a ‘try me’ offer. Haven’t seen one of those for years. It’s just business as usual, not a single genuine thank you to the long suffering customer. (What is the Marla...
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    30th Promo

    Get it paid off before Christmas, yay😬
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    Well thank you Alison grrr

    It’s not just Alison who’s guilty of this. It’s only when you’re actually interested in an item that you realise how annoying it is. It’s actually quite hard to shop with qvc. Mute the shouty people, check the reviews and find it cheaper elsewhere with free delivery. Having followed my own...
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    Postage double take

    We’ve come to expect random and erratic p&p from dear qvc but I just had to get up close to the tv to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. £6.95 for a Marla ‘topper’. Really??? Where did they pluck that beauty from? At the same time £4.95 will get you a le creuset cast iron pot that would put you...
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    Ruth Langsford's New Parka

    And the sleeves candycane. The models might be wearing xs but if the sleeves are right on them they’d be flapping around the thighs on us shorter folk. Danni Minogue does properly proportioned petites. I window shop but haven’t risked the hassle.
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    Tili Box (Coming Soon)

    The other day I said that the 20% extra sale discount was a good marketing move, well calling this a menopause collection is a disaster. There’s no reason at all for it and it’s just a turn off for women who aren’t menopausal and probably many who are. There’s decent stuff in there but who...
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    Has the cost of living crisis suddenly hit home for QVC!

    I think the extra 20% off is a good bit of marketing but when you’ve done the maths, a £60 bit of poly reduced to £40 but now £32+post is not tempting. I suspect qvc USA controls stocks and prices in other countries and they just don’t get what most people want and can afford these days. They...
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    Laurie Wickwire

    I wouldn’t have recognised her from those pics! She’s clearly very knowledgeable but somehow seems a bit tainted by her association with qvc. Everyone has a budget and teensy diamond chips can be prettily set and an emotional investment but they have no real monetary value so it rankles to hear...
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    Endless beauty TSVs

    I know the bare minimum about technology but it seems to me that when qvc do offer something, those in the know post that it’s outdated or better value somewhere else. If I wanted something I’m not sure I’d get it from qvc. I’d prefer a local shop or direct from a specialist retailer. I feel...