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  1. Tinyfeet

    Who is this Rezzi ??

    No that’s Natasha Asghar, she’s still in the Welsh Assembly
  2. Tinyfeet

    Midnight TSV repeats

    That was my first thought, Ruth is far too grand to work “nights” 🤣
  3. Tinyfeet


    Yes that is Ophelia
  4. Tinyfeet

    30th Promo

    Jackie mentioned that the actual anniversary is in OCTOBER !!! but they are going to have lots of ”special deals” coming up in the coming months
  5. Tinyfeet

    Aeropilates TSV 29/12/22

    I bought one from a friend, she bought it in 2007 and it had never been taken out of the box. My friend said the most exercise she’d had was dragging it upstairs and pushing it under the bed 🤣 I bought it off her in 2014, I’ve taken it out of the box and it’s leaning against the wall in the...
  6. Tinyfeet

    Ali Keenan 😱

    I know, I had to switch over, my ears were bleeding 😮
  7. Tinyfeet

    Cozee Home TSV 29/11/22

    Well,good luck with forcing all that stuff back into that bag after it’s been washed 😂
  8. Tinyfeet

    Shay & Blue TSV 3/11/22

    Thanks very much amn, I’ve just ordered mine. What a bargain! Not keen on the blood oranges but my friend is so she can have that and I’ll keep the rest for me 🤣
  9. Tinyfeet

    Joules in administration?

    I voted remain but I now accept that as we live in a democracy we just have to bloody well get on with it
  10. Tinyfeet

    New Look For Keeley

    Turkey teeth 🦷🤣🤣🤣
  11. Tinyfeet

    QVC US Selling Their Studios

    Just looked at the QVC UK statutory accounts for 2020 and they reported a net profit of £39m, not bad although the NP for the previous year was £44m, they also have capital and reserves of £173m. I think if QVC US went bust the UK company would carry on as a stand alone company
  12. Tinyfeet

    Is Julia Okay

    I’m in the same position as you Silver Fox and I sometimes think “poor me“ too but then I look around and see how my married friends are constantly compromising, even the “happily married” ones are always striving to keep their other half happy. It must be exhausting whilst I only need to please...
  13. Tinyfeet

    Ninja TSV 12/11/22

    I’ve ordered the Ideal World one too, it’s now showing as sold out. The removable divider sold it for me meaning that you can bake cakes, casseroles etc. The tins and dishes would all be too big to put in my current air fryer
  14. Tinyfeet

    Moda in Pelle TSV 26/8/22

    I always buy from Moda direct, they have great sales. I’ve just bought new white leather trainers, £38.36, no p+p which are still being sold on QVC for £85 plus £4.95 p+p. An unbelievable £51.59 more! I do like these boots though but I will have to sit on my hands, I’ve got umpteen pairs already
  15. Tinyfeet

    Astwood Handbags TSV 11/8/22

    I bought one a few years ago, a similar bag and purse together. I don’t use the bag, it’s too flimsy and not very well made but I use the purse everyday and it’s very good quality
  16. Tinyfeet

    Rhonda Shear TSV 12/08/22

    I have bought Vercella Vita bras from eBay, new of course 🤣. I climb into them, haven’t a hope in hell of getting them over my head. I find them good to wear if I’ve got a long journey because they don’t dig in. I’m a 34 E and find them okay support wise but I wouldn’t wear them with tight...
  17. Tinyfeet

    Marverine Cole

    It’s a descriptive term that’s all, nothing more nothing less
  18. Tinyfeet

    White Stuff TSV 05/08/22

    That’s so frumpy, when I go into White Stuff for a look (I never buy), they have some nice things but this is hideous
  19. Tinyfeet

    Who’s going to the Feeling Fabulous With Ruth???

    I still listen to Simon on the drive time show on Greatest Hits radio, 4 to 7 every day and he still has the confessions on. I can highly recommend it, brilliant show
  20. Tinyfeet


    Same for me