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    Comments on Bid/Peter Sherlocks facebook page!

    Following on from the '' lol you funy man'' comment we saw on Peter Sherlocks page, I've just seen another classic on Bids Page. Now I'm not mocking people with dyslexia or anything before you ask, but is it me or do you have to be an illiterate idiot to post on either Peter or Bids...
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    Random musings/no argument zone

    Horrendous! She also looks like she's been using Homers make up gun.
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    Random musings/no argument zone

    lol, I never get that if Tanzanite is such a rare commodity, and so mega valuable, then why is it only on a silver bracelet? Urggh, he's now smearing himself in some other grease, I feel sick. Alicia Douvall won't be happy now he is saying this is an amazing oil. Cos you'd really buy oil for...
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    What is this music playing whilst Debbie 'QVC' Greenwood is selling that good awful resin fairy?
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    Best sentence ever spoken by dirty Peter.....

    '' you can use this as a slouch pillow....... because that it what it is!'':mysmilie_13::mysmilie_13::mysmilie_13::mysmilie_13:
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    Random musings/no argument zone

    That Agate ring is vile, reminds me of this..
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    Random musings/no argument zone

    the head tilt is more pronounced here!
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    Random musings/no argument zone

    Just found this image Wirral posted a while ago, I take no credit for it!!!! Just thought I would brighten up everyones evening by reposting it :-)
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    Elisa Foreman...

    yes love, we get it you can fit into a size 12/14, and she loves the fact she says the model ( Sarah, but she is always saying it with Jenny too) that they are in a bigger size than her! :mysmilie_51:
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    What presenters irritate you and why?

    1) Caroline Lyndsey, the general frumpiness, the sweeping her fringe to one side every 2 seconds, the rictus grin and tilting head, and bringing her disabled brother and 900 godchildren into every story 2) Mike Mason, goddess/son stories, scaremongering, generally just being annoying 3) Liana...
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    Counting down the clock...

    I don't know why this annoys me so much, but why do the presenters ( Sally Jaxx and Peter Sherlock in particular) insist on counting us down. 55,54,53,52,51,50,49,48,47,46 IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IRRITATING!!!:mysmilie_51:
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    Sally Jaxx

    She goes from calm, to shoving her face in the camera with her wild eyes screaming and being aggressive down the camera! Calm down love!! :mysmilie_17:

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