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    A heartwarming tale
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    Are the presenters under extra pressure at the moment?

    I'm wondering if the presenters are under extra pressure to generate sales at the moment. Some of them are going to even more extreme lengths to move the stock. I have in mind Smarmy Russell, Peter Sherlock, Sally Klaxxon , Frumpy Headtilt and Jenny Gobb. The absurd statements and fake back...
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    Candid Caroline Lyndsay Moment.

    Caroline was caught out by the camera today. Her last item was the wretched cat which she struggled badly with and she then said goodbye with her usual fixed smile which looked even more fake than usual. The screen went to graphics but some reason flicked back to Caroline who was off guard. Her...
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    Scraping the barrel on the graveyard shift.

    Haven't had time for watching Bid recently but caught the final half hour early this morning where the original self righteous brother Mike Mason was gamely trying to shift some terrible tat. First up was a set of three canvas sheets with plastic frames which you put in your printer to make...
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    Oskar Emil watches and bogus price matching.

    Dame Peter was doing the graveyard shift this morning,flogging Oskar Emil watches; Here are a couple of quotes from Dame Peter with corresponding quotes from internet watch forums; Peter Simon;'A combination of Swiss and Austrian engineering.' Watch Forum;' Chinese watches made for market...
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    Peter Simon changes his story!

    Peter Simon was selling a men's fragrance called Yuzu this afternoon-he kicked off his pitch with a bit of b******t saying 'Now I wanted to buy this and asked one of our assistants,Samantha I think it was if I could buy it and she said no,sorry it's limited stock'. At the end of the...
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    Amusing lies from Bid presenters

    Here are a couple of amusing bits of b*******t from your favourite presenters. Guy Kean on the washballs; 'I take these with me when I go on holiday,or away for the weekend.' Of course you do Guy-what could be more natural than filling your suitcase with dirty great plastic balls of washing...
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    Another classic from Peter Simon!

    I just channel hopped into Bid hoping for a quick thrill and was instantly rewarded with this fabulous clanker from Dame Peter Simon selling a bracelet; 'Now this is what I like to call bohemian chic-the pierre de restistance!' You couldn't make it up.
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    Classic Peter Simon howler!

    Whilst pre-announcing the Vodafone handset Dame Peter just came out with 'The Blueberry the iPad-you've got it all here!'
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    Nicola George lying on Bid

    Nicola George just sold a Mondi scarf (telling us six times that Mondi 'was' sold in Harrods) and claimed that she did a google search for silk scarves and that the 'best case scenario was about £60'. I did the same search and the truth is that ladies silk scarves start at £9.99 and by the time...
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    The old box lie from Caroline Lindsay

    'I had to buy a box to put a pendant in for a present' lied Caroline Lindsay today 'and I paid £3.95 just for the box'. Come on Caroline,can't you even sell a pair of gloves without resorting to this old tosh? You'll find yourself on Speed Auction if you don't buck your ideas up!
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    Super intelligent comment of the day....

    ...from the assistant who was helping Caroline sell a jumper; 'I love the fact that you can roll the sleeves up!'
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    More bull from James Russell

    'Go online to the perfume forums and read how the experts are absolutely raving about the fragrances from Jean Paul Dupont' invited James Russell. He said the same thing about Laurelle. Well I did,and was unable to find a single post about either Jean Paul Dupont or Laurelle-and believe me I...
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    Another perfume price match-high price on Bulgari.

    Sally Jaxx sold this item;BVLGARI BLV II GIFT SET 50ML EAU DE PARFUM (EDP) + POUCH. Total cost including p&p and phone call £49.51. The same pack from lowcostsmells £34.50 p&p free. (genuine product not fake or knock off) That's a massive 43.5% premium over the best online price. Amazing how...
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    Peter Simon and Elvis Presley

    As someone who knows (or used to know!) a little bit about Elvis Presley I can tell you that Peter Simon is absolutely hopeless on the subject! I could only tolerate a couple of minutes of his presentation but in that couple of minutes he had described a 1956 RCA promo photo as the first...

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