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  1. Akimbo


    I mentioned on the new beauty item thread that this product line used to be on Ideal World many years ago and Dimitri is back looking (vaguely younger than he used to! ) Mr Akimbo thought he was looking at Michael McIntyre post-plastic surgery. :giggle: QVC need more of these American...
  2. Akimbo

    It Cosmetics Announcement

    Just got this email about their UK website closure shortly. Fortunately I have a stash of the CC Foundation, brushes and more mascara than I'm ever likely to use but Ii thought I'd pass on the news since QVC stopped selling the brand a while ago. Maybe there'll be some reductions towards the...
  3. Akimbo

    Judith Williams Life Long Beauty Eau de Parfum wanted

    I had a message from a lady I used to sell to when I was selling on ebay. She just got in touch as she's looking for a bottle of LLB eau de parfum which has been discontinued for a while here in the UK. I don't have one but thought it might be worth asking on here. It's the one that smells...
  4. Akimbo

    Today I bought....

    So Mr Akimbo reads a non-shopping forum and they have a shopping thread and so I thought it might work well here. Back in the early noughties when this was more of a fan site there was more discussion of recent purchases; now the overriding impression is that no one buys anymore. So for those...
  5. Akimbo

    Beauty Month June 2020

    It's Beauty Month again folks! Woot woot! 💋 I quite fancy this bad boy! 120ml is HUGE!
  6. Akimbo

    Hotel Chocolat £10 off the Velvetiser starter kit Today only

    Hotel Chocolat £10 off the Velvetiser starter kit Today only HERE. I know there are cheapermilk frothers on the market but if you're looking for a luxury gift I can whole-heatedly recommend this. I've had the copper one for over a year and it gets used everyday: it's a better way than a pan or...
  7. Akimbo

    Cooks Essentials "Lifetime" Guarantee

    Hi all, I have a couple of the old Cooks Essentials "Everyday" pans; they're the ones with two short handles opposite each other rather than the usual long pan handles. The inner non-stick surface is starting to wear thin in places so I've been psyching myself up to ask CS about getting a...
  8. Akimbo

    Return of Isomers

    Does anyone else remember Isomers' brand "Peel Therapy" on Ideal World many years ago? I just spotted they've come back (show at 2pm today). Back in the day when Haley was the rep for Miche (sp?) Bags there was a Canadian lady called Manuela used to front the Peel Therapy brand and often...
  9. Akimbo

    Spiked Drinks Warning!

    I know folk are aware this happens but thought it a good idea to post a reminder after an incident this weekend involving my daughter (23). She was in Brighton on Sunday afternoon, went to karaoke around 5pm, then dinner and went to a pub. Around 9pm I got a distressed call from her boyfriend...
  10. Akimbo

    SBC QVC Italy TSV available here

    As the title says you can buy the QVC Italy TSV in the UK via THIS LINK if you fancy it. Until 3pm 2/7/19
  11. Akimbo

    Kim & Co breaking into the US market!

    I just had an email from Kim & Co Canada announcing they are branching out to the American market. I know she has her knockers on here but all credit to her as a business woman she's stood the test of time. Link to the announcement here! I bought my first piece around 1997 when my second...
  12. Akimbo

    Lulu Guinness Sale Preview

    Lulu Guinness Sale Preview here
  13. Akimbo

    Daisie Daisie I'm half crazy...

    ...listening to you torturing the English language during the OPI hour!:mysmilie_10: How can someone work in communication when they can't sound a full set of consonants? The "-ing" word endings are missing the "g"...not even getting the Franks optional "-ink" suffix! If you work for a nail...
  14. Akimbo

    Rainbow Bridge

    Our petite 3 year old cat Sabrina was diagnosed with FIP (the dry form) a couple of months ago and our vet said we should prepare for the worst as there's no cure. If you're sensitive to animal photos I'd advise not to google this condition. It originates with the Corona virus which is as...
  15. Akimbo

    Poppy guest and Katy P

    I'm watching the current Poppy hour with Katy Pullinger and Kate the guest from the Royal British Legion and there's a good rapport between them and the guest is confident and informative. Katy has connections with the RAF and Paratroop regiment which seems to translate well as she's not...
  16. Akimbo

    The Pet Photo Thread!

    I love looking at animal photos online and knowing many members here have much loved animals, birds, fish, arachnids and reptiles etc. Why not post their photo here for all to admire. All welcome, past or present. To kick off here's my two 3 year old rescue pussers Salem and Sabrina:
  17. Akimbo

    JML Portable Handy Heater

    Here from QVC £27.50 plus £4.95 p&p OR £19.99 from JML Direct HERE with £2.95 postage, or £24.99 plus p&p with a remote control HERE
  18. Akimbo

    Dualuxe Gel-foam Seat Support Cushion 400660

    Dualuxe Gel-foam Seat Support Cushion item number 400660 £19 plus £4.95 postage from Q. or Deluxe Comfort Cushion from Coopers of Stortford £8.99 with a flat rate of postage at £4.99 regardless how many different items you order. They often have postage discounts. I've had one of these for a...
  19. Akimbo

    Coconut Lane 20% off with code

    I'm hoping to kick off more bargain posts like those of the Drop a few years ago. Coconut Lane doesn't really cross over QVC's merchandise otherwise I'd post in Reasons Not to Shop.. I have a 20% off code for accessories website Coconut-Lane use promo code MADDIE20 at check out. Cute and...
  20. Akimbo

    Blast from the past - gadgets of yesteryear!

    I was dropping off a bag of stuff at my local cat charity shop when I spotted an item I remember from telly shopping many many years ago. I wondered whether anyone remembers the Home-tek Ozone Hand and fruit cleaner. I suspect it's a piece of quackery otherwise we'd all have one by now...