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    Morganite ring

    Have fancied buying Morganite for a while but was a bit reluctant after reading that sometimes it takes a few attempts to purchase one with a good colour and that its a stone that can fade.I saw a cushion cut stone in a ring on Gems the other week it was in silver with gold plating it looked a...
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    Safeguard Opinion

    Hallo everyone Paid a visit to a Safeguard valuer today at a local jewellers I took along three Iliana rings.Two of them Mozambique tourmalines whether Paraiba or Cuprian well its anybodys guess,one valued at double the price I paid and the other slightly more than double as it lends more...
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    question re Ceylon sapphires

    Are the Ceylon sapphires in the iliana and raphsody range just heat treated or are they likely to be beryllium diffused just as has been discussed recently re various common treatments.I just wondered as I have a friend looking for an engagement ring at the moment and she would like a ceylon...
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    Opal "old wives tale?"

    Hi all I recently bought a little PPSS amethyst set as a present for one of my friends its very pretty but since then TJC had one of those "meltdown sales".I bought a pair of lovely rubellite earings a kyanite necklace and a pair of fire opal earings all in gold and am very pleased with them...

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