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    All new Price Drop

    The real success of a business lies in what is promised is what's delivered and that in reasonable price!
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    Hello everybody

    @Pauline, Welcome to this forum. Nice meeting you. Cheers
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    Lehrer Collection Wheel with Drew

    Hi Vapid, You are true. Of all the items, there,s rarely 1 thing ar 2 that look decent and purchasable. Thanks,
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    Handbags and glad rags

    Hi there, I am sorry to hear you felt that inconvenience on buying a leather bag from Gemporia.
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    Sales tactics.

    Hi Huggles, I agree with you. This is the age of dearness. The same jewelry item has different rates at different malls and markets. There's no increase in quality but rates. One is surprised when one sees the people paying heavy amounts for so cheap a thing.
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    Dire fashion advice!!

    Hi, I also agree with your idea of not taking advice on fashion from anybody. It's we who know ourselves better and everyone knows his requirements of garments, fabric, clothing etc. as per weather and occasion. I also do not stick to a brand for long. I like Ideal World Fashion but don't follow...