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  1. Mazza

    NYDJ TSV 17/05/24

    £90 for a pair of jeans, down from £130! Blimey! And I’m also amazed they’ve nearly sold out as well. Good grief.
  2. Mazza

    Yankee Candle Coming Back?

    I’m currently burning Apricot Sun Rose (I think it’s called) from a few years back and it’s really nice and I find it quite strong. Sadly the weather hasn’t improved to match the Spring atmosphere I was hoping to create!
  3. Mazza

    Elemis TSV 7/4/24

    Me too!
  4. Mazza

    Miceal Taking A Year Off

    Lovely post from Miceal. Has he fully recovered or is he still off sick? I know the previous posts said his surgery was in February last year. Poor fellow if he is still having to recover at home, that is a long old slog isn’t it? I do hope he is making good progress, ❤️.
  5. Mazza

    Elizabeth Grant TSV 27/3/24

    Oh good, retinol, so my money is safe. I have some EG in my stash but haven’t used it yet, except for the blue bottle of Midnight serum if that’s what it is called. I am not impressed by that.
  6. Mazza

    Colour Wow

    It’s the same lot who make Time Bomb isn’t it? A John Frieda product? I used the Dreamcoat spray and quite liked it but it never lasted for days, but then nothing does on my hair. I haven’t seen, or read on here, about “Lulu’s” Time Bomb for ages. Has that been discontinued on Q?
  7. Mazza

    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    It makes her look seriously pissed off imho.
  8. Mazza

    Gatineau TSV 16/3/24

    On the show I watched it was Chloe, which was bad enough. I just whizzed through and only looked properly at the TSV presentation. I then bought it, 🤭.
  9. Mazza

    Elemis superfood facial oil

    I really liked this oil too, when I got it in a Superfood TSV. It was the best item in it : I didn’t like the cleansing gel at all. I wouldn’t buy it at this price though.
  10. Mazza

    Gatineau TSV 16/3/24

    I’ve been using the Hydra Essence in the mornings before a serum, and I like it a lot. I prefer it to the Elizabeth Grant night-time one which is in the blue bottle. I wonder if I can justify the cost…
  11. Mazza

    Yankee Candle Coming Back?

    Rosa has some kind of lay role with the Diocese of, I believe, Herefordshire. I think it might be in the welfare arena: I did read it on the website but have forgotten. In that big photo, Steven must surely have used various filters. That makeup is absolutely pristine with no hint of a line...
  12. Mazza

    Yankee Candle Coming Back?

    Oh dear, that isn’t very convincing is it? But why does he take these endless selfies in the bathroom? What is the point of it all? (I could ask myself that about many things most days! 😂)
  13. Mazza

    Yankee Candle Coming Back?

    I cannot imagine he makes much as an influencer does he? 2500 doesn’t sound like many to me in the advertising world. Still he must get some money from somewhere! His shop was burgled wasn’t it, and then YC opened up nearby and put him out of business iirc. The selfies I have seen all seemed to...
  14. Mazza

    Yankee Candle Coming Back?

    Can anyone on social meeja work out what Steven does for a living these days? Before, when you could look on Insta and X without signing in, he seemed to be selling off all his YC collection, and then endless pix of his now significantly slimmer body. But no sign of a job, nor indeed of his BFF...
  15. Mazza

    Molton Brown TSV 03/03/24

    I don’t usually get the 7-9 delivery window and I think that’s when it can all go wrong. You have the backlog building up all day and they can’t get through it all by the end of their shift when they often just pack up and go home. And you can’t blame them for that but it is frustrating. Still I...
  16. Mazza

    Heys Luggage TSV 06/03/24

    I too like Will. He is always polite and doesn’t interrupt or witter on about some irrelevance in his own life. Of course he did start out as Alison Young’s “IT boy” didn’t he, so he would have interrupted at his own peril in those days, 😂😂. Some friends of my neighbours are emigrating to Oz in...
  17. Mazza

    Molton Brown TSV 03/03/24

    It arrived! After sending me a failed delivery message, I then got a “delivery rescheduled” message… to the same window. Anyhoo, it finally rocked up at about 9.40. Not that he knocked or anything, I just heard a slight noise outside where he dropped off the parcel. The delivery pic mind you is...
  18. Mazza

    Molton Brown TSV 03/03/24

    I’ve had 2 failed delivery messages for yesterday and today! 😡 Of course I was here for the delivery window both days and no one came anywhere near, ☹️. I hope it comes tomorrow or they will return it to Q I think.
  19. Mazza

    Molton Brown TSV 03/03/24

    Fathers’ Day belongs to men though, Donna, so will be sacrosanct. I went into MB today and tried the new Apricot and Freesia expecting it to be a mega floral, like Sun Rose and Jasmine or Flora Luminare. So I was surprised by just how delicate it is, and rather nice I thought. I also tried the...
  20. Mazza

    Molton Brown TSV 03/03/24

    AE, TBH if any relative of mine (well I don’t have many so include friends and acquaintances) suggested I should be euthanised, I would tell them to f**k off. End of conversation. Indeed, end of any future conversations! Problem solved. The trouble is, it’s not just the views they hold, it’s the...