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    Kathryn Goldsmith

    She's young with two small children and also has dogs and cats. The weight falls off you running around after that lot I expect. I remember being at my thinnest after my second was born once the preg weight went. She says she's a size 10.
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    Beach cover-up

    Oh no. Jilly and the brand ambassador said those dreaded words - you could use the Masai dress as a beach cover-up - it only costs £94. Yes - let's get it full of sand and sea water and sun lotion etc.
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    Pippa is saying that every QVC customer has been sent a discount email at 3pm today (Friday). Well I haven't received one in any folder.
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    White Stuff TSV 11/03/24

    It really is - what were they thinking?
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    So, Did You Watch? Dyson Airstrait

    Over £400? Absolute joke.
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    Gemporia still sinking

    Once the presenters have made a sale you're on your own. The likelihood is that your jewellery could degrade or break over the next few weeks/months/years. The chances of it becoming a nest egg for your children or yourself is probably less likely than a lottery win. If you have bought...
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    The French tuck

    There they go again talking about the "French tuck", ie tucking half your top in your jeans. I think it looks sloppy and I've never actually seen anyone do it.
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    Dyson TSV 18/02/24

    I'm very happy with my corded Miele. I got through two supposed "animal" Dysons years ago. They were no match for my fluffy cats and both fell apart (the dyson, not the cats).
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    Whatever happened to...?

    I wish I had bought some Viva Las Vegas gems but couldn't afford them then. I liked the Veronese jewellery shows too and still have a pair of earrings. Bronzo Italia seems to have disappeared too.
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    What would make you buy from Gemporia again?

    I don't think anything would make me buy from them again.
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    Julia Roberts

    It was in her blog on her own website where she promotes her books. She gives a round-up of her year and mentions meeting her granddaughter briefly. I actually like to hear a bit about people's lives, a lot more interesting than the sizing on a MarlaWynne shirt. They spend hours at a time on...
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    QVC profits

    I would never buy from Dyson but I got the recent Revamp TSV which I'm very happy with.
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    Is TJC becoming Elitist, and not listening to their customers?

    I think they are just trying to shift expensive items that haven't sold. No doubt the mark-up is still good.
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    Table presents

    It's completely gratuitous and unnecessary. How many presents do people actually need? I'm sure thousands, if not millions, of people don't need any more reasons to bankrupt themselves or to be made to feel inadequate. I know it's all about selling but give it a rest, please, when it comes to...
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    Favourite QVC presenter

    The list is not comprehensive. Kathryn Goldsmith is my favourite. I like Jill as well and I think Julia is easy to watch and knowledgeable
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    Something I noticed....

    I know silver sequins is the way to go this winter - imagine if everyone turned up at their "dos" in variations on that theme! I see the Dannii Minogue skirt is being pushed to within an inch of its life at the moment with almost every presenter wearing it. I quite like sequins but I do not find...
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    Poor Catherine. Good for her if she has lost weight. All the presenters will unfortunately attract some undesirable attention on social media, it goes with the territory.
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    Some of it reminded me of Kat Florence designs. As for the coloured stones, did Debbie get them from Don Kogen or do the three of them all have an arrangement/same contacts? The look and designs are all very similar but there are only so many ways to set a stone. But I thought they were "limited...
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    Dune Footwear TSV 27/10/23

    Absolutely, loads of women have wide feet, it's to do with your frame, not your weight. And yet I think because of perceived ideas of female "beauty" it's seen as some sort of aberration. QVC used to do some wide fittings and I'm sure they don't now because they would work out a bit more...
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    There are still quite a few Cavill & Co pieces apparently for sale on the website, despite being supposedly sold while on air. I don't get all the hype and price tag for the grandidierite. It may be very rare but it just looks murky to me, even her top-grade one.