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    Murad TSV 28/5/24

    Why on earth do qvc offer retinol tsv’s just as we go into summer. I cut right back on glycolic and retinol at this time of year and slap on the sunscreen. Maybe it’s to do with qvc America where it’s always hot somewhere so they just send us some extra stock🤷🏻‍♀️
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    Perricone MD TSV 24/05/24

    I got that deal from boots too! I pay no attention to the before and after pics because almost any cream shows an improvement to wrinkles just after it’s applied. That doesn’t last long though. They should tell us how long the product has been on the skin.
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    Anne Dawson

    I don’t mind Charlie or Dale because they’re laid back and no hard sell and whiff of desperation.
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    Gardening with Gtech TSV 12/05/24

    This seems a lot of money when Argos and others have a good selection for a good £50 less. I will pass.
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    Gardening with Gtech TSV 12/05/24

    I actually need a new pole trimmer but not keen on cordless. I’ve had 2 gtech regular hedge trimmers in the past and found the batteries drained quickly and didn’t fully recharge. I’ll see what they say. I have a Bosch regular trimmer which is great. I’ve severed the cable here and there but...
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    Ruth Langsford's Visitors

    I love it when they bring out the customers. They don’t risk it often and I bet they vet them well.
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    Denim jackets in general

    I enjoyed your denim journey mina. I’ve never had a denim jacket either but I’ve tried a few on now and then. I don’t know if I’ll ever succumb but if I do I’ll definitely want stretch. Can’t bear feeling restricted in clothes. Sounds like you’ve got quite a taste for them now😁
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    This could be a long one!!!

    They should either check every return and if they can’t do that then all returns should go into a returns category at reduced prices on the website. At least the customer would know they might get a soiled item but they might get lucky too. The list would be very telling and very long. I don’t...
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    Ruth Langsford Fashion TSV 19/04/24

    It’s as if they’re playing a game - how far can we push it before no one actually buys it? It’ll be interesting to see how/if this sells. It’s not just the design it’s the colours too.
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    Seriously, these were for sale on QVC?!

    Thanks for this thread. I saw the article but didn’t know how to do the link. I certainly never saw this on qvc - not something you’d forget😳! Don’t know how it slipped under the radar.
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    Aimee Kestenberg TSV 18/03/24

    That’s one boring bag, worthy of a Sunday market.
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    Glen Campbell is a bit of a fraud - discuss

    Glen seems a decent bloke who has ‘fashioned’ a career. I have no idea of his background but his presenting skills are incredibly tedious. I prefer someone who gives genuine advice about sizes and styles for different shapes not the lifestyle off to the yacht club twaddle. Doh! Why didn’t I...
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    Denim & Co TSV 13/03/24

    Glen was very over excited. Giving off a sugar rush vibe.
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    Helene Berman TSV 08/03/24

    I too look wrong in a trench coat but that’s ok because I don’t really see the point of them. They might look smart on some people but they’re not very practical unless there’s a zip out warm lining and some sort of hood. As for dry cleaning🤣🤣🤣
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    Free Postage 25th Febuary

    It’s maddening but I rang once and got the extra discount.
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    Alison, it's a stye, not a style!

    The other problem with the neom presentation was the guest. There was nothing calming about her. The two of them were all hard sell, buy more, gifts, etc and no lovely switching the pod on and pausing to inhale and be tranquil. If you didn’t know the brand you’d not be much wiser. I was...
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    Alison, it's a stye, not a style!

    Back in the day she spouted about a ‘paintented’ formula. Don’t know if she still does. Being able to talk rapid nonsense is not great for the cv.
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    Alison, it's a stye, not a style!

    I rarely watch a presentation but I did watch her launch the neom tsv. If I hadn’t already decided I wanted it she would have put me off. How desperate and frantic she sounded and her sentences don’t make sense, they’re just strings of words. I gritted my teeth waiting for genders to be...
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    Neom TSV 25/02/24

    That is a great price and no postage. My daughter loves her mini pod (present from me!) and I’ve been thinking about getting one. I want to move away from candles, especially in the spring and summer.
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    The French tuck

    Cynical as usual, I just think they’re trying to say look, if our top is way too long for you, try this natty option. I don’t know why they’re pinning it on the French who tend to look a lot better than us but the Italians have the best style imo.