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  1. Tinyfeet

    Anne Dawson

    She is on an insurance advert where she is playing hide and seek with her granddaughter
  2. Tinyfeet

    Words fail me!

    My mistake, it’s actually viscose. It’s still hideous though, only my opinion of course.
  3. Tinyfeet

    Words fail me!

    Just watching the Dannii Minogue show, they’ve got the worst suit I have EVER seen. It’s shiny cheap polyester, just don’t know who would look good in this. And the price!
  4. Tinyfeet

    Alternative uses for shopping mistakes

    You can have one of mine 😾
  5. Tinyfeet

    Ruth Langsford Fashion TSV 19/04/24

    Another hideous polyester offering. Looks cheap and nasty, I see that her other suit that was available recently has shockingly bad reviews
  6. Tinyfeet

    Neom TSV 10/04/24

    I bought the pillow spray when it was BPOTM, smells nice but does nothing for my sleep pattern at all. I won’t buy again as it’s expensive compared with others. People rave about the brand but I think it’s very overrated personally
  7. Tinyfeet

    Expensive jeans

    M&S have really shot themseves in the foot with making their short length longer I think. I’m thoroughly peed off with it as are lots of my friends. I bought two pairs of the denim & co bootcut TSV a while back and they are okay. (Only if you like bootcut though). I was recently in M&S and a...
  8. Tinyfeet

    Simply Beauty TSV 29/11/23

    justmylook have some SBC stuff and free postage over £10
  9. Tinyfeet

    Ruth Langsford Fashion TSV 28/10/23

    I know, red wine and qvc, a lethal combination 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Tinyfeet

    Ruth Langsford Fashion TSV 28/10/23

    Me neither, it’s hideous 🤣🍷
  11. Tinyfeet

    Nicky Clarke TSV 25/10/23

    He’s 65, same age as me🤣
  12. Tinyfeet

    Beauty Pick of the Month with Free P&P

    Skinsense AGAIN, I’m sick and tired of this brand being pushed all the time plus another full month of Abbie Ultrasun telling us how wonderful her gloop is!
  13. Tinyfeet

    Ultrasun TSV 5/6/23

    It takes your varnish off, it’s only the sports formula, the creams are fine
  14. Tinyfeet

    Phillip Schofield

    I think it was Liam Fox rather than William Hague
  15. Tinyfeet

    Ultrasun TSV 5/6/23

    And it melts your nail varnish, that’s why I stopped using it
  16. Tinyfeet

    Kim & Co TSV 17/05/23

    South East Wales but I’m a Lancashire Lass
  17. Tinyfeet

    Doll10 TSV 15/05/23

    Very disappointing, just how much blusher can one person use in a lifetime. I still have 2 lots from Tarte that I bought years ago! ☹️
  18. Tinyfeet

    Tan Luxe TSV 26/04/23

    Thanks for confirming this, I did wonder if this would suit my skin but I have a cool undertone, I think it may suit people with a warm undertone better. My money is now safe
  19. Tinyfeet

    Perfect Formula TSV 13/4/23

    That’s good news, I’ll have to get some. Thanks for letting me know
  20. Tinyfeet

    Perfect Formula TSV 13/4/23

    I have dry flaky nails and it didn’t do anything for my nails, made them worse in fact. I have a friend who recommended it, it worked well for her. I’ve tried everything and the only thing that helped was Nailtiques Formula 2 which is an American product but their factory burnt down so I don’t...