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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    I loved my bone conduction headphones but somehow can't find them, they'll be in a pocket or handbag and will turn up eventually I'm sure. I use 1 earbud whilst gardening or walking the dog, that way I am still fully aware of my surroundings, but don't really like them and quite often drop one...
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    If you return within 14 days, unused and in condition to resell, they usually refund the postage as well as long as you put a note in. At first I used to message and say it was being returned, as their website says, but I have returned with a note on the return slip and had the full cost...
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    Free p&p day

    I stupidly forgot about the Wish List. Just as well or I might have ordered more and I really don't need more. Hopefully this will mean we will see more free postage, or even more reasonable postage or combined would be nice.
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    Free p&p day

    I was trying to think of anything I had thought about ordering and then been put off by postage costs. Ordered a couple of planters that I'd put off before and a gnome for a birthday present.
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    Blowfish Footwear TSV 23/5/24

    Next sell them although it might only be online as I don't think I've seen them in the shops.
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    Kim & Co TSV 15/05/24

    I use a 30% wash 99% of the time cc on a 59 min wash. We have very hard water so I use soda crystals in every wash and ariel liquid and have never had a problem. If anything is really stained I add vanish, or the pink brand equivalent, and it seems to get everything out.
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    NYDJ TSV 17/05/24

    I thought the same clothescloth. Why wouldn't the size just 'be right'. I did like the look of the jeans but no way would I pay that much. I absolutely loved the rust trousers they had on after the jeans, but even if I won the lottery I think I'd be hard pressed to spend over £100 on them...
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    M&S Summer Beauty Bag 2024

    Thank sounds like a win Andi
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    M&S Summer Beauty Bag 2024

    Yes Andi, far fewer discount coupons this year, and lower values. I've ordered the bag as the things I will use make it OK. I was needing new underwear so put that in my basket yesterday so I could just put the order through this morning, normally I would have waited until I got a discount code...
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    Kipling TSV 10/05/24

    This is the one I got, more than I would usually pay but it's well made and the water bottle doesn't leak, unlike most.
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    M&S Summer Beauty Bag 2024

    Thanks for posting this, I've gone back to using Clinique moisturiser and if this is the size included it's £42 on its own, so this is a bargain with the couple of other things I'll use. The rest get used making up raffle or tombola prizes for various organisations.
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    Kipling TSV 10/05/24

    I thought exactly the same, but it's almost identical from the custom made dog bag I splashed out on that also has a flat water bottle in the side which was quite a bit less than this one.
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    Lidl beauty box

    I happened to see this link just around 10 and thought, Oh I'll have a look. So at 2 mins past 10 I just got 'sold out'. I wonder how many they actually had.
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    Grumpy Gardener TSV 09/05/24

    I get the home bargains fat balls. They do types and the birds don't like the cheaper ones, but the ones like the GG ones go in no time. I buy either the 10 for £1.99 or 40 for £6.99. I was buying the bigger box but ended up losing some to mice so now have them in a plastic storage box and so...
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    Cook's Essentials TSV 02/05/24

    I'm quite tempted but would like to see proof that you can store all the bits inside the bowl, except for the extra lids. This is my problem with all of these sorts of things. If all the bits can't be kept together then they get 'misplaced' and I don't know which bits go with which other bits so...
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    Shark TSV 4/5/24

    I love my shark vacuum, so much better than the Dyson. I have a cordless and corded and whilst the cordless does a good job and is great for the car and suchlike, the corded is in a different league.
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    SBC TSV 30/4/24

    I had BV for a long time, tried a few things from doctors that didn't work. Bought the over the counter gels or pessarys for BV and they were a miracle. No more having to wash umpteen times a day and smell gone. They're a bit messy and a bit expensive, but they don't half work. Some that I used...
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    Jill Franks

    I'm the same, I was interested in something the other night, might have been lock and lock, but I had to put it off as I would probably have thrown something at the telly. She just constantly interupts and talks over anyone else with totally inane outpourings. Her husband must be a saint. She...
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    Alternative uses for shopping mistakes

    Me too Mina
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    Lock & Lock TSV 17/04/24

    I had same note - no more. But I got this set last year and love it so have ordered the lilac. I've just looked and it's £7 odd cheaper this time. I'm so tempted to order another set but I know I really shouldn't.