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    Gemporia accounts - predictions?

    Just feels the right point to add that the clasps on some necklaces and bracelets are woeful. Tiny, flimsy little things. Supposedly to secure 'impossible to replace' gemstones and pearls. I would have thought for a few pennies more they could use something substantial. But rule of thumb now -...
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    What's the best thing you've bought?

    Clearly my brain is too free to wonder on this Bank Holiday Monday..... I wonder if the 'Managers Special' sting still is accurate (or perhaps ever was) for those items that get the description. I am sure that I have seen items presented for sale on an occasion and then some days later presented...
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    Random musings and general banter.

    This might be the wrong place to post this but I have just seen Sean, previously of IW and currently popping up as a plant and gardening guest (expert), advertising one of those 'send us all your tat and unknown treasure, and we will and you an derisory payment by return' websites. I guess that...
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    Ludicrous Prices

    Something that you will never be able to unsee.
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    Ludicrous Prices

    If he does no wonder he could afford to fund a trip to the Bahamas to do a few pieces to camera to promote the range
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    Ludicrous Prices

    One of these is from Esty for under £20, one from Gem Collector at £149. Can you tell which is which? They are Queen Conch carvings, both pieces stating a size of 35mm by 35mm Full disclosure - the Esty is from Hong Kong and so will take a few weeks to get here and the postage is just shy of...
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    Bargain box

    Isn't that what they are trying to do? These mystery boxes probably contain the odds and sods, returns and last few of loads to 'limited editions', loaded into a minimal cost casket and fingers crossed that that will free up some space in the vault. But you know that they won't shift them all...
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    Jade Troth is back

    Do you think that they are taking any notice of the non take up of their treasures? This evening the introduction, one time only this is going to be possible Luminescent Freshwater Cultured Pearls. Seen on high end web sites POA (expected to be north of £20k. They, those on the websites, were...
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    Jade Troth is back

    Maybe Sunday afternoon with Dave and Angeline is going to shift the 'remaining' Angola Rose Pink diamond. Slightly bizarrely (!) it was the new lines priced at £1,199 to £1,499 that show as sold out once the presentation was over. But eight of the original range still show as available - even...
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    Jade Troth is back

    So everyone was right!!! But TBH the show wasn't for me as they were diamonds in clusters which were mostly 1mm or smaller with some single larger up to 2mm at the centre of the cluster. I am quite prepared to believe that they were Type 2a pink diamonds, of course in 9k rose gold to pep up the...
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    Jade Troth is back

    Dear Trothy is on from six this evening. Need to get my dinner done early so that I can see if he is any different.
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    Jade Troth is back

    Toby and Lindsey just now 'Chocolate pearls', a strand of 6mm and a bracelet of golden caramel pearls. Of course they are! Because the compound that they are coated with makes them that colour. On that basis you can have any other colour of pearl that you can think of. And I guess that they are...
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    Jade Troth is back

    So no one is using the 'Wish List'?! Or perhaps 'their credit cards didn't go through' :oops:
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    Jade Troth is back

    Just because it does fascinate me...... I wonder how presenters like Troth feel at the end of their time on screen. He expends so much air time and energy describing the industry and what is going on. Shows the non availability of the material and the unattainable prices of the material where it...
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    Random musings and general banter.

    (Sorry if I should know....) Has Peter Simon been fighting?
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    Jade Troth is back

    I might be late noticing this however.... Whilst the usual nonsense of 'can I have a thirty second clock' is one thing; today I see the channel has a countdown clock until 'Live with Dave Troth'. Do you think that they believe this, or do they know its all fake and manufactured? I sometimes...
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    Jess Foley

    I had to add in what they broadcast yesterday afternoon. The ignorant presenter was selling an Angel Carousel. In my opinion a hideous thing with angels hanging off the 'fan' with a tea light beneath - Google it and you will get the idea. In the presentation she said something about not needing...
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    Gemporia still sinking

    IS everyone ready for this evening. Three hours of ProLife CBD (do you think that they regret choosing that name for the brand?) If all goes as previously the Gemporia prices will match those on the ProLife website. So my predictions: ProLife 800mg 8% CBD & MCT Coconut Oil - 10ml £69.99 Regular...
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    Mabe pearls

    There was a heart shaped '19ct' Mabe (Maybe!) pearl on GC last night. In the Treatment it was described as Assembled!
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    Jake Thompson Tuscon

    I didn't really understand that. So Steve was buddies with Yani and bought a load of blue rock speculatively. Then 'because when we get a great deal - you get a great deal ' they have been selling Aquaprase 'cheaply' by comparison with the new market. So, assuming that you consider an investment...