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    How to Wash Yourself!

    OMG! Snorted tea up my nose.
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    Awful Presenters

    That's an insult to a hamster!
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    Fabrication Fabrication Fabrication

    Nobody ever uses the word fabric!!! Surely that's what all garments are made of. There must be a QVC dictionary/phrase book the presenters have to study with their cocoa at night.
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    Pirjo the Model

    Me neither. I don't like everything but I have a number of things dating back years.
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    Ruths castoffs ?

    Andi looks good in anything to be fair; she is one of the best models IMO.
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    I bet you mean Sasha, she has very long, very straight black hair which she never moves out of the way. She was modelling a jump suit the other day and it had back detail that she just didn't bother to show and neither the presenter nor the guest fashion expert asked to move her hair. If Debbie...
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    Brenda Edwards TSV - For Rowan, hoping to bring a smile to your face at this difficult time.

    So pleased you enjoyed it and that it made you laugh. I don't have the talent, discipline or patience to write for a living but I do enjoy the odd moment of creativity when I have trouble sleeping!
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    Dune TSV 22/03/24

    And why wear trousers with the hem dragging on the floor when you are supposed to be selling a pair of shoes, In fact, why wear a pair of trousers with the hem dragging on the floor at all.
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    Glen Campbell is a bit of a fraud - discuss

    My husband always says 'give us a song Glenn!' when he sees him on air.
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    Tarte TSV 19/2/24

    Same here, I don't use foundation but can't live without shape tape. Might well go for this!
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    Sadly the images I have seen posted here bear no resemblance to the Catherine we see on air.
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    Comfy Waistbands

    Don't you say plaarstic then???
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    Comfy Waistbands

    Yes, I have heard that particular fashion expert say elarstic on a number of occasions. Never heard anyone say it like that before.
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    I thought I only disliked Ophelia as a presenter......

    If you listen to the Kipling promo the lady says kiplin' - drives me nuts!
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    Ben de Lisi TSV 06/02/24

    I don't agree - JM always looks ridiculous IMHO
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    Meet the presenters

    I am amazed that no one has mentioned the 'meet the presenter' videos on the QVC website. Perhaps you all have better things to do! Frankly, they aren't quite as cringe worthy as I would have liked. When asked for their perfect day most of them included a walk with their dog or dogs (the dog of...
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    Homedics TSV 06/01/24

    I bought bought the previous version to yours (without the heat option) back in 2018 and it still gets used frequently, especially by my husband who is not as mobile as he was. One of the best things I've bought from QVC.
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    IMO (and obviously I am not blinded by lust) that outfit did absolutely nothing for Catherine at all. Very unflattering.
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    Er, QVC

    Do they still make Imperial Leather? I have one of those labels that were in the centra of the soap hanging about somewhere. No idea why or where it came from.
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    Er, QVC

    Bouquet of Barbed Wire!! I'd forgotten about that. I was really a bit young to watch that because it was quite risqué but I do seem to remember a scene where Frank Finlay's voice was swapped the Kermit the frog's! Or am I just imagining to check on google!