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  1. Akimbo

    Patrick Hoy, Kindness

    I'm not around on here or on QVC much these days and didn't want to start a whole new thread, so resurrected this zombie thread about Patrick. When did QVC kick out Quacker Factory? And does Patrick still appear for any other brands?
  2. Akimbo

    Tili Blooming Beauty Box

    Tova!? Is the brand being resurrected?
  3. Akimbo

    Laura Geller TSV 29/2/24

    Well! That is completely different to my old "down to earth" blush from LG!! Sorry if anyone ordered expecting a matte one!
  4. Akimbo

    Laura Geller TSV 29/2/24

    Sorry if I've missed it, but is QVC doing anything for "Leap Day"...29p postage perhaps? They refer to "Leap Day" on the TV Guide for the 29th. That blush (Down to Earth) isn't as scary as it looks in the pan; I must have nearly every blush n brighten from the early years of Laura Geller...
  5. Akimbo

    Skechers TSV 03/02/24

    I love my slip-ins, they save my knees by not having to bend down, or sit on the bottom stair and then struggle to get back up. Not sure that I need these as well.
  6. Akimbo

    Tili New Item

    I sincerely hope there hasn't been a mistake on Q's part; can't disappoint folk before Christmas!
  7. Akimbo

    Laura Geller TSV 5/11/23

    Tropic Hues blush is nice, but it does have swirls of gold through it. It's not a deep as the photo, it's one that has been in the range for many years. I often have to retrieve mine from my daughter's room if mine goes missing. As with most of the Blush n Brightens, Tropic Hues is best...
  8. Akimbo

    Christmas Gift Ideas TSV 16/09/23

    How long before Granny gets a few accidental "Aubergine" pics sent to her Xmas picture frame? ;) That could ruin Christmas Dinner in more ways than's bound to happen sooner or later! 😊🍆🤯
  9. Akimbo

    Adesso Footwear TSV 18/08/23

    Style reminds me of not the stylish Italian city...
  10. Akimbo

    Wrap-It TSV 23/8/23

    Hmm...if they honour the current exchange rate $17 = £13.33 plus VAT @ 20% = £16 plus p&p @ £3.95 = £19.95. Again, Mr Akimbo might appreciate this level of organisation, but I got it so wrong with that other organising TSV a few weeks ago I wouldn't risk it. Come on QVC make our day by...
  11. Akimbo

    Kim & Co TSV 15/08/23

    I still have lots of Kim & Co including vest tops, some of them nearly as old as my kids (pushing 30) a few years ago I sold some Kim items but later regretted parting with some bits. I sold off some long skirts in the original slinky fabric because I mostly wear trousers after I quit work; so...
  12. Akimbo

    Festive Crafts with Sara Davies TSV 17/08/23

    I'm trying to get back into crafting; all the stuff I bought 15-20 years ago from Q or Ballen & Arry I had in the loft and apart from a few dried up items it's all stored perfectly. I haven't watched much craft telly either in the intervening years, so I'm finding my way around the C&C and...
  13. Akimbo

    Adesso Footwear TSV 18/08/23

    I like the colours too, but the design would not be comfortable for me...narrowish feet but v high instep and swollen ankles (I paint a delightful picture but I actually rather like my feet ). High tops just don't work for me...I really wanted a pair of baseball-style boots back in the 70s and...
  14. Akimbo

    Controversial that you? :ROFLMAO:
  15. Akimbo

    Practical Ideas TSV 19/7/23

    Well! Derek Batey would drum me off Mr & Mrs! Mr A was underwhelmed by this saved!
  16. Akimbo

    Izabel London TSV 17/07/23

    Fabric reminds me of the racks of school summer dresses in M&S, Asda etc with the back to school banners!
  17. Akimbo

    Tweak'd by Nature TSV 18/07/23

    I use this all the time. I bought a duo of the 177ml bottles for £39 back in January and I've used very little...approx 1 pump twice a week. In case it helps my hair is just below shoulder length straight and baby fine but I have lots of it and because genetically I can grow it very long...
  18. Akimbo

    Practical Ideas TSV 19/7/23

    This is the sort of thing that makes Mr Akimbo disproportionately excited...could be a purchase!
  19. Akimbo

    Beauty Pick of the Month with Free P&P

    😄 If anyone needs something gentle for sunburnt scalp or any sore body-area (as AY would say) I can recommend Philosophy Purity. But knowing there's an "intimate" supersize of the month means we'll be exposed (not literally Ali!) to euphemisms such as "delicate folds" for a whole month will...
  20. Akimbo

    Tili Bag Coming soon

    Have to agree about P&R ...can't even flog em for pennies at a car boot sale 😉