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  1. Meeshoo


    Wireless, the mine originally had two co-owners. One kept the name of Zultanite and the other had to re-brand to Csarite. It is the same gemstone just marketed under two different names (3, if you look for Turkish Diaspore). There's no conspiracy, just depends when it was bought, who from and...
  2. Meeshoo


    You can get any gemstone on Ebay for much less than elsewhere but it doesn't mean it will have the colour shifting properties OR have the clarity. Zultanite/Csarite are marketing names for Diaspore. Diaspore has been found in a few locations but from a gem quality standpoint, Turkey has the...
  3. Meeshoo

    Thinking os selling a ring - advice please

    Just a warning - if you can sell for half what you paid for the item you'll be doing well. Unfortunately second hand jewellery (even if never worn), takes a huge tumble in re-sale price. It's similar to buying a car.
  4. Meeshoo

    Presenters 'white noise'

    A slightly different viewpoint .......... the forum contributors on here are a representative sample of the viewing public. With that in mind, voicing opinions is important because it can help as feedback to companies (and I'm talking generally). Now, whether those companies chose to...
  5. Meeshoo

    Russian Alexandrite with DK

    Sacha - Brazil was one of the main sources along with India. It's also been found in Tanzania, Australia, Myanmar, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Some finds have been poor quality, others have only produced tiny amounts.
  6. Meeshoo

    Buyers beware tjc mega slow refunds!!!!

    Have you checked their terms and conditions? It says refunds can take up to 30 days. It doesn't matter if they sell the item again. If you buy a product from them you are effectively agreeing to their terms and conditions.
  7. Meeshoo

    gems tv back a few years.

    Whoa - that's a very harsh statement. Did you consider that he may have moved on and might not WANT to go back to a job he had for years?
  8. Meeshoo

    Russian Alexandrite with DK

    Oh FFS how low can this channel stoop! Well, it is possible to tell with chemical analysis whether the gemstone is from Russia so I do hope the poor buyer decides to check out the stone CAREFULLY ie no less than an AGL full report. If it's from Russia then I'd be gobsmacked. You know a...
  9. Meeshoo


    It's a transparent quartz with flakes of pyrite in it. Here's a link to the Learning Library on GemsTV that has more info:
  10. Meeshoo

    Russia has discovered a new diamond field with "trillions of carats" of diamonds.

    Diamonds have never been in limited supply (they're mined all over the world) and their distribution/selling is strictly controlled by a group who regulate prices (to a certain extent) so unfortunately, I doubt whether this will have any effect on prices in general. I hope I'm wrong but don't...
  11. Meeshoo

    Visit to a Mine!

    Arge - I'm so pleased you weren't with us on the trip to the mine because had I heard the word "coffin" I most definitely wouldn't have gone inside! :sad: Glad you enjoyed the write up. It was such an experience (and we're still talking about it now).
  12. Meeshoo

    Love, hate & total indifference

    Funnily enough I always loved GemsTV and couldn't stand RocksTV which seemed to be a very poor relation by comparison! So for me, the demise of RocksTV was no big issue. Personally, I think that the market for gemstones and the economy in general has affected the jewellery channels (all of...
  13. Meeshoo

    Visit to a Mine!

    He also stopped and literally with his bare hands pulled a chunk of the wall away that had crystal and Mica all through it and handed it to me! Claustraphobia? Not any more! I was beyond myself with excitement seeing the wonders that nature had created. Here are photos that I took of it...
  14. Meeshoo

    Visit to a Mine!

    The Mine itself is 400 metres long but it then stretches up 100 metres and down 100 metres. To move between levels there are cut outs to the side walls with precarious wood ladders that are used to go up and down. The miners literally scamper up and down them like mountain goats but we were...
  15. Meeshoo

    Visit to a Mine!

    As promised in the Csarite thread, I said I would do a write up after my visit to the mine in Turkey ……. So here it is! First of all, I have to say a HUGE thank you to Steve Bennett for making the arrangements. The day at the mine was one I will never forget. It was a superb experience not...
  16. Meeshoo

    JM's Jet Beads

    Jet is commonly found in round beads.
  17. Meeshoo

    is it worth it?

    WOW - what blatent spam! Apart from the fact that the information above is rubbish (ie you try getting melee certified by GIA/EGL) it's also a blatent attempt at spamming on behalf of a jeweller (and interesting spelling of that word by the American spammer).
  18. Meeshoo

    And the Gold goes to…..

    I used to love TJC but haven't bought from them in years. Why? The prices are much higher now for far less quality. I don't believe they are better than any other channel AND to those who know about gemstones they have seriously mis-sold in the past and continue to be less than truthful with...
  19. Meeshoo


    Graham I'm not sure that Steve does. If he did, he would know that I hardly post any more! I think he was referring to years gone by when I used to post a lot.
  20. Meeshoo


    Well, I will "out" myself! I was supposed to visit in June but due to my father-in-law's sudden hospitalisation I had to cancel. However, I will be going in 4 or 5 weeks time armed with a camera! Since it's over 100 degrees there at the moment, I'm hoping that my bikini will be fine with a...