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    Glen Campbell is a bit of a fraud - discuss

    From how they parade themselves on air.... I think Julia most definitely does not think Glen is a fraud.....
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    Julia Roberts

    Well, I was greeted to the below link this morning to see Julia pouting, boasting and loving herself.... at 1.12 into this she then announces that she could enter glamourous granny contests, before a sly look and fishing for compliments about being glamorous or not.... seriously, I thought she...
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    Julia - Away for a few months

    Hi all, I saw Julia say that she was now off and not returning until towards the end of January.... No reasons given, which is unlike her, as we all know how she likes to boost about a big expensive holiday away or writing for her next book. Is she going under the knife? Is she finally going...
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    The QVC cruise

    Surely you need to enhance that chest - Julia would topple over :ROFLMAO:
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    The QVC cruise

    Love this idea, so many funny scenarios that could happen.... QVC is still running live in the background to the cruise - all the new comers are running it now... maybe the cruise is a way to remove the old guard - a clever idea by the new management team, who are all about social media clicks...
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    Favourite QVC presenter

    Jilly just edges Jackie for me
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    I didn't realise / overlooked her having extensions in - this is likely to have made a big difference too. Looking good for it though.
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    I saw Catherine presenting yesterday and looked her best in years.... well fitting leather pencil skirt and grey sweatshirt. Could have been due to it being a well fitted outfit, but for me, she looked like she had lost weight and looked really good for it, and to her credit, surprisingly...
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    The Huntley - where has she gone ?

    An attention seeker, just like Julia - they love (well less so now with Julia) to show their bust off and get all the male attention.
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    Ruth’s take over

    Must admit - I like the look for her clothes, but they are very over priced and get the impression that in real life they wouldn't look as good. Also, do get the impression that she is very smug and also, as is the way in life... is profiting from other peoples talents within her range offered...
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    Ali Keenan Retirement

    Not a favourite of mine, but I wish her wellness and happiness in her retirement. Quite a good presenter, but someone who was always well dressed for the camera, and adapted to different styles as she matured, unlike some of the other mutton dressed as lamb presenters. I can see there being...
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    Ruth Langsford TSV 22/04/23

    Not a fan of Ruth and some of her range, but, I must admit she does a very good jacket and pair of jeans.
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    Jilly Halliday - totally out of proportion

    Well, JR refers to herself as apple shaped ;o) In terms of being mature, a few months ago, Anne Dawson referred to Julia as being the most mature on there with a smile - I'm sure Julia would have hated that. She has really started to look her age, but looking older than Anne Dawson - well...
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    Jilly Halliday - totally out of proportion

    I can imagine that Julia would not be happy at all with that - she is the most beautiful of them all hehehehe. I know AY was very good friends with Julia -didn't Julia introduce her to her husband? Ex Football Player (Julia only hangs around with the rich and famous) In terms of Jilly, I have...
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    Isn't it time that......

    It really is time they updated these photos... I was thinking similar thoughts when the usual Fashion on Friday clip came on - that must be a few years old now and Julia looks a completely different woman to how she looked a few years ago. Leaving the photos for so long will be a big shock to...
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    Catherine Huntley - Narcist at the Gym

    I can't believe she is so full of herself to share a photo of herself wearing very little whilst working out at the gym. No doubt that she is trying to please her male followers, but still, what a narcist she is. Also, the photos she took were from the toilet - says it all really. These...
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    HRH Julia at her most condescending this afternoon

    Judging from her performances over the last few months and again today... I think Julia is more interested in Glen. The way they both flirt is embarrassing, both of their partners must pick up on it too. I bet Glen's partner would love to get her hands on Julia, what we all her hair flicks and...
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    Katherine Goldsmith

    Glad to see her back too.
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    Chunts the Groundhog

    Saw her today and was shocked how much more weight she has put on... also, great comment about her resembling Thelma ;o)
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    Julia Roberts

    How could we forget - showing off in a bikini in a non-speaking part... roll on 50 years and she still flaunts around in a bikini thinking she's 'it' putting photos on 'insta' Oh dear Jools...