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  1. PJ.

    More ex Bid presenters join WinCashLive

    3.75 :mysmilie_13:
  2. PJ.

    Has this come back yet?

    Got Virgin now and not cable. I notice the website is under construction again and wondered what was happening with the channel please? Thanks PJ x
  3. PJ.

    Snatch It returns

    Any news or has it been ahem snatched from us again?
  4. PJ.

    Sara Griffiths will be in trouble

    It does reek of "look at me I am buying it and I am a presenter so if it's good enough for me you plebs will lap it up" imho.
  5. PJ.

    Random musings and general banter.

    Mike, the 1900's called. The want their sexist attitude back ...
  6. PJ.

    James Russell

    Has James appeared anywhere on telly land or has he got tired of selling crap again? Would love to see him on The Apprentice. Lord Sugar would wipe the floor with him!
  7. PJ.

    Random musings and general banter.

    Mason Mail?
  8. PJ.


    Good point well made. But now or I will sing again ..
  9. PJ.


    Face mics are the solution. I do sound at my church and trying to get them to wear them. Then when they look down to pray or read it stays the same volume and when they have a baby in hand for a baptism the mic won't be the first thing the baby grabs for :-)
  10. PJ.

    Random musings and general banter.

    Evening Mr Tom (the lesser known prequel to That book :p)
  11. PJ.

    Snatch It returns

    Certainly was Sir :)
  12. PJ.

    Snatch It returns

    Used to love Snatch It. Fun crew and presenter interaction. PJ
  13. PJ.

    Random musings and general banter.

    To be fair his name is Peter and his act is most defiantly blue ..... PJ
  14. PJ.

    Advert at top over log - in

    I have that too but have white listed this site so it allows adverts still. I know Graham relies on ad revenue :) (not moaning at you of anyone who doesn't do this)
  15. PJ.

    pre tablet devices, what where they again?

    That's what came to my mind too. PJ.
  16. PJ.


    You are not alone, I don't like it much either. But even if you were the only person in the world who doesn't like it (and you are not by any means), people need to represent your wishes and not take your picture. PJ
  17. PJ.

    Come on Steve / Craig / Mr Branson

    How is a channel that donates all profit crap? I am all for channel bashing when warranted but imho Steve and co genuinely are doing this because a they can and b they care PJ
  18. PJ.

    YBF Off again?

    When I say this thread, that is exaclty what I thought had been cancelled (didn't look what section it was in). Glad it is not just me ;-)
  19. PJ.

    Is Bid TV set to return?

    Interesting stuff thanks PJ