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    Models ?

    The new(ish) Asian one called, I think, Jennifer is pretty and pretty good .... apart from the tattoo.
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    Helene Berman...

    According to the Helene Berman website she still designs hats (which are made in Italy) but enquiries for the clothing are to be directed to Charles Gray London. The daughters Sara Berman and Aimee Berman both design for the Charles Gray company too.
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    Revitalash TSV 29/1/19

    Pretty much what cheapo Castor Oil does and effectively. Buy some empty mascara tubes and a huge bottle of Castor Oil from Amazon and you're sorted for ages. Has made a huge difference to my lashes (apply a coat every night before bed to lashes and brows).
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    New Season Fashion TSV 12/01/19

    In QVC-land "New" fashion is always Old fashion.
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    Molton Brown discontinues Gingerlily!

    I've never bought stinky stuff from the telly, but used to love the absolutely bonkers presentations by Jill Goldsmith. She was in orgasm for the entire shows. No-one else comes close.
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    New Year New You TSV 04/01/19

    That "eliptical" looks really hopeless as a fitness gadget for average folk. The kind of thing that only the ancient and relatively immobile in a care home would find helpful.
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    Julia I’m Just Not Interested!!!

    But EEK is for the LITTLE people. Julia may be a 'small' but grande dames can never be little.
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    Qvc us

    4 is the maximum you can legally offer in the UK unless you get a consumer credit licence.
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    Is ...... ?

    Christmas finishes with Candlemas on February 2nd. (A full 40 days like most other liturgical seasons). Mind you, as the dreaded QVC has at least 6 months of "Christmas" already, we'd probably best let them call it a day on 26th Dec.
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    frank usher

    As long as we get the lovely June, I'm happy.
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    New for 2019

    In 2019 Chuntley will probably move from veganism to a meat-only diet. The carnivore diet seems to be the latest YouTube fad and she usually jumps on the bandwaggon 6 months after the "influencers". Expect to see her flogging meat pies and pork scratchings before the year is out. (She's already...
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    My pet hate is "paintented" (AY, the main offender again)
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    Faux posh

    I fail to see how a selly-telly saleswoman who has been living o'er the brush for donkeys' years should think we're interested in her pantomime of a wedding.
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    AK writing/written a book now!

    Good luck to AK. Can't see anything wrong with anyone writing a book. The market will decide if it is of any merit. Happy to see people capitalise on their bad experiences too. What's wrong with making money all of a sudden? Most of us try to.
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    Q's fastest selling Beauty Items

    I don't know why these idiot journalists always use the word "infamous" when they mean famous. In what way is Cleanse & Polish "infamous"? Do they think the extra 2 letters make them sound clever?
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    Not seen for a while?

    Amazon uk have them.
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    NIOD is launching on QVC Beauty before the main Q Channel

    Apparently Brandon has been booted out by Estée Lauder and the board, who went to court, and Nicola has been brought back to run the company. I always liked her (despite the squeaky voice!). Good products; too much drama.
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    Peony Flowers TSV 11/09/18

    I'm always a bit suspicious of those RHS claims. Do we really believe that they inspect each arrangement of Chinese mass-produced fake flowers? I wonder if they just put their badge to a single bespoke arrangement years ago and now Julie just pays them an annual licensing fee....
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    Miceal Murphy

    Haven't missed him tbh. Always tries to be "the expert" and talks like demonstrating polyester clothes is like discovering nuclear fusion. Insufferable.
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    QVC winter fashion preview

    Oh come on... everyone knows that blowsy-print bri-nylon sharkhem dusters with embelishments are always "on trend" and can be dressed up or dressed down with a "little pump". Why do you doubt???? Listen to the experts "qualified in all areas".