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    ASA complaint waiting to happen: Chin Up before & After Pgotographs

    We are Very, very, very very,very,very............very, very busy, I want one on, I want one,I want one I want one...I really mean this right, not only is it the design, not only the texture, and I really mean this, the best fitness thing in the world ever, I must order one today, it has a...
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Barra boy and Shergar are selling moulded glass vases, trying to tell us that they have been no no they are moulded you dipsticks, and you don't need gloves, jeez, Sorry all part of the quality facade
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Has Shaun Ryan, ever done a presentation, where he doesn't mention how long he has worked at IW ?, and he still hasn't been caught out in 17 years 4 months 16 days and 4 hours 12, minutes and 56 seconds.57 seconds..............
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    Rip off Radiators are back.

    I have found a way to only heat the room that I'm in, I just turned the other radiators off, job done ! :mysmilie_48:
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    Ideal presenter ?

    Marvin the paranoid android for me :)
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Well lookie here, aluminum framed rattan garden furniture straight from China :D 1 rattan: PE rattan with aluminum frame,water and fire proof 2 frame constructure:sturdy,strong and light weight with good powder coating aluminum frame,never rust, the surface is treated with powder coated and...
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    IW product range, new lines

    Hey people IW has a game changing hosepipe that is going to take the world by storm, and is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, and is going to make the X-Hose redundant, because you can all park your tractors on it , and it will not stop the flow, so the heavy dirty hosepipes that the...
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    Lumio Lights Projector

    You can get the same thing for less than a tenner including shipping on it is a portal to Chinese products where IW gets all their stuff ....
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    Pervy Pete AWOL

    He's selling Chinese watches now, as if they are special, it's like watching Only fools and horses again :mysmilie_11:
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    Steve Macdonald

    If there is more of this kinda thing :)
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    Random musings and general banter.

    I was waiting to see Haley's frantic hand flapping, when the Verteggo thing was being described, but the thing didn't work :D
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    A Familiar Face on BBC News' Victoria Derbyshire Programme...

    Question for number 3........I keep my bowels healthy and collect dog sh*t in my pocket, what do you do to stay healthy and slim, like me, and what collections do you have ?
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    3.75M Telescopic ladders

    Just watching Barra boy selling telescopic ladders, a cursory view on Ebay, popped up the same thing, EN131 approved, including a carry case and delivery for £53 for the exact same thing minus the extended warranty. But hurry the phones are going doolally and are in absolute meltdown, for the...
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    £150 for inferior laptop!

    Glad someone picked up on this, but it does come with virus protection, considering it comes with a home for them ( Windoze ) would make a good home for a Linux distro, but any more than £70 is pushing it, now if they were shifting refurbished Thinkpad T61's for that money I would be...
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    Howard Howard Howard - Shut up

    I think Howard is a closet school prefect, always wanted to be one, and lectures all but the teachers!!!!
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    Howard Howard Howard - Shut up

    I am a very honest person too :mysmilie_50:
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    Howard Howard Howard - Shut up

    I was just about to vent my spleen about this very microbe, and do you know of someone with an old war wound, with a prostate problem that does morris dancing on the bed ? and his parsimonius habits, of using the same teabag 3 times, please howard take a trip to Dignitas PLEASE. :mysmilie_51:
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Just watching the Vostok watches presentation, is it me or do the words 'Genuine Leather Strap' immediately raise the 'Cheap Sh**' flag in my head, anybody else ?
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    Zhuzh Blockbuster Price

    First tried this last year, when I had to move to the states for a few months for work, sick of either looking like a milk bottle or a burns victim, I decided to try it with a 20+ SPF, and it works, even the first day left a tan line where my watch was.
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    Here's a nice one, they DO have to pay the postage if you return.....

    IMHO, a return and a cancellation are two different things, if the order is cancelled, presumably that means before it is packed up and thrown on a truck, or any paperwork has been done, in which case the p of the p+p charge still stands, but this will probably mean the entire p+p charge, I may...