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    Lyndsay ...

    I actually don’t mind Lindsay. She seems harmless enough unlike lynn, Ellis and Angeline. Keep her and get rid of Jess and hattie
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    Random musings on TJC

    What is andy hodgson thinking off? Talk about look after your pals. I give TJC 18 months before it joins ideal world in liquidation. It’s the current presenters I feel for. Joanne joining was bad enough but those pair. Seriously
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    Katie on Gemporia

    God help the future of gemporia then.
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    Proto-col TSV 02/08/23

    Please please qvc don’t have Sally Jacks as the brand ambassador
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    Lynn Jinks

    I actually find Lynn the most hard sell in a sly way. Thank you for this and that. Her end of shift speech is quite intimidating. I can imagine the claws are out as soon as she is off camera
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    Ellis unapologetic about jade

    I bought a Jade pendant last year for £35 from a gemstone shop with some silver work on it. This was way before all the fairy tales from gems. Im no expert but my pendant seems a superior piece compared to their market stall offerings for boutique prices
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    What is going on on TJC tonight.

    What has possessed whoever is in charge of presentation to air those two. It was carnage and made gems tv look professional. I could do better !
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    Gemporia redundancies

    I see from the programme guide Steph is presenting in Ellis’s slot today. What with her, Jeff and Ruth on the screens is gemporia realising they got rid of the wrong individuals
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    Gemporia - struggling financially?

    I agree I like Adina. She is relatively normal like the rest of us and never comes across as a sly salesperson like the rest. I can only abide her, Jim and Ruth out of the current batch of hosts. The rest need the chop and quickly if the channel is to evolve and survive its current model. Scrap...
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    Please listen Gemporia !

    I find Ellis one of the most insincere presenters. As soon as she sings it’s time to switch off. I don’t know what possessed them to keep her and make others redundant
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    Gemporia - struggling financially?

    Completely agree. Get rid of her and Hattie. Bring back nick and Ruth in their place
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    Who is this Rezzi ??

    She works on heart dance sometimes
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    Jeff Hayden

    Hattie, Ellis, Jess and Kate should have departed instead of the ones shown the door along with the cavils and Dave.
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    Steve & Sarah back at Gemporia

    Well if Jess has landed the breakfast show Steve hasn’t got a total grip on the business. Big mistake
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    Gemporia - struggling financially?

    So. If manager Steph is leaving then it looks like a takeover by the Cavil clan. It’ll be the reincarnation of Rocks and Co. The next announcement will be John Scott on prime time and Debbie will be back with her diamonds
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    Lifestyle closing down

    I’m afraid they are the sit-up tv channels of present. Unless they create a new business model they will be extinct by 2025.
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    Lifestyle closing down

    I wouldn't be surprised if they extend hobbymakers Hours and loen joins the presenting team
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    I never could watch her on ideal world either. She is a complete switch off. She is fake and insincere. Her daughter is only a few steps behind
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    Pre-recorded show

    All of Ellis’s shows are a travesty. I have to turn off. The whole schedule needs an overhaul.
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    Technical difficulties?

    Just wondering if this is the beginning of the demise.