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    gabba gabba gabba

    Find it quite hard to watch her, too loud and nervous!
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    This thread still going strong, thanks everyone! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Social Media! Now no names, LOL!!!
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    Yankee Steven - Should or will he ever come back!

    Anything Fakebook can do we can do better, right! :mysmilie_17: Not fully aware of the whole story of Steven and Hairgate but should QVC take him back or do you think one day he will return? Surely, it wasn't that awful what happened or was it? I though Steven was fairly good and enjoyed his...
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    Jemma Forte on The Wright Stuff

    Just seen Jemma the Molton Brown guest presenter on The Wright Stuff for the umpteenth time! She is very vocal and came across quite well! I know they have to find other work apart from being on QVC but do find it strange! As I thought some of these Guest Presenters worked for the Brands and...
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    Bernini Water Fountain & Lorna Ko

    Just turned over and Ko, Kabs & Ricardo are talking about the beautiful sound of water! I'm sorry but it sounds like a leaky tap or a faulty overflow! Don't know why Ko has to stroke it either. It looks awful too! Not impressed with the Q's garden furniture! :mysmilie_19::mysmilie_852::mysmilie_7:
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    Christmas at the Q - yay or nay!

    Switched on the Q the other day & immediately had to turn over due to the fact they were selling C stuff! I'm a fairly organised person but find this a big no no! Did anyone get a Bargain? :mysmilie_1::mysmilie_46
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    Tell Me I AM Dreaming - Amanda Holden range now!!!!

    Did I see right and is this true!!!!???? Anyone else heard that Amanda Holden is coming to QVC and selling some endorsed range? Don't get these so called Celebrity doing this kind of thing and I am not a AH fan either! Find her very hard to watch at the best of times!!!! Tell me it was just...
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    These Beauty Bloggers

    Have been doing some research for a friend who's keen to start a Blog as she is very clued up in this field and knows her brands extremely well! What is about these two Bloggers who constantly Post QVC only brands? Do they work for them or are they relatives of someone in the know? They seem...
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    Lunch Time Show

    Just turned over to this and Chloe and Baby Claire are already annoying! There's also about 4 women stroking a duvet cover! On a serious marketing note, I would certainly not buy the way they are presenting and in fact had to switch off! Anyone agree or even enjoy the lunchtime shows? Maybe...
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    Charlie Bears with D Flint!

    I've just turned on and these CB's are on with lots of silly pics with their Bears! Now, some are cute if you were maybe 6 years of age! Please tell me that I am not alone in my thoughts! Personally, I cannot Bear them, sorry not Sorry! Switches over :mysmilie_15::mysmilie_1:
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    Back to You Beauty - no more!

    Can anyone confirm that BTY Beauty is no longer coming back to QVC? Usually starts after Christmas and was successful in its first year! I still see BTY on some posts so bit confused what's going on! A bit curious why it's stopped - does anyone know anything? :mysmilie_7:
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    Who makes up these obscure colours - Lola Rose

    The description of some of these pieces were farsicle! Even Dale looked and laughed his way through the mismatch colours! How can they not call it as they are e.g. Light blue, dark green, red? Confusing and no idea what you were buying! I've noticed this happens frequently, poor show!
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    Don't do much SM, maybe the odd dabble now and then. Don't have the time and can't understand how some are never off it, especially FBook! Shock Horror when I looked at some Public Pages on the recent QVC FB! Lots of negative comments and some posts had to be removed by them because of bad...
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    Dennis Basso uncomfortable to watch

    Perusing through the channels today and up pops this Basso man! Watched 5 mins with Jackie K and found it awkward to watch. Don't mind JK but together not to my liking! Don't even like his coats, most are way over priced and he seems to lack personality too :mysmilie_10:
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    Hair Products - does JF and CE use them????

    Trying not to get to personal here but have to say that watched a bit of Jill F and saw a bit of Chloe E and both their hairs looked ridiculous! Dry looking and strange old fashioned styles. Surely they have an abundance of super top of the range hair products to help style and maintain their...
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    Mr Basso is not very pleasant - anyone got his clothes?

    Watching this and he comes across bit mean and boring! Anyway, what are his clothes like? Not sure about his designs so reviews are welcome :mysmilie_48:
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    New Vionic Guy - familair looking and undecided!

    Firstly this new guy looks familiar and secondary I am really not sure about him! Always playing the joker and fooling around (don't find him funny) and think he looks slightly out of place doing these shoes? Anyone got any thoughts on his presentations? Distracting me from the shoes...
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    Dale Blog - Refreshing!

    Watching QVC and heard Dale mention subtlety about his blog! Well I have never heard him mention his blog before. Part of the dialogue too and genuine discussion about a product. Some presenters constantly harp on about them and nothing to do with the sale in hand! Are blogs that important...
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    Would it make you buy if Joan Collins wore similar - honest Q?

    The guest presenter with Dale selling Susan Graver has just implied Joan Collins wears similar trousers on her balcony or something. Do real people really buy when a celeb has been mentioned. Honest question to the forum. Possibly if you do like them, but not being a JC fan it does nothing for...
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    Has QVC lost its Sparkle...or bigger and better than ever!

    I still enjoy the odd show but recently have found myself watching less and less. Has it lost some of its sparkle and become rather mundane and repetitive? A lot of my friends used to big fans and now they hardly watch it either. Obviously a theme here. Anyone else agree or disagree? Got me...

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