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    Aldi heated airer

    Hubby broke out our non in store shopping to visit Aldi One of our Q electric airers had started to play up knocking off. It may have been the one that we got from Q outlet been knocked about to and forth from Uni, neither of the two owes us anything. Anyway he got the Aldi one I love it only...
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    Gary Cockerill

    But it didn’t appear to cover her pigmentations
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    ALDI beauty spots - online now..

    Thanks Marina wished Aldi would bring more each time went looking see if there was anything else hiding online Not a lot but a bit more in total here too
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    Question please

    So DF presenting Neom hour made reference to her liking neroli. Then went on to say they had recently been given the choice of Christmas TSV, to see which they preferred that had a neroli option. Question anyone shed any light on what this maybe please? Please don’t say it’s Elemis as was...
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    Centigrade TSV 21/09/20

    Being modelled by Debbie now
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    Elemis TSV 20/09/20

    1/2 of stock already sold
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    Beauty Loves with Revamp TSV 18/09/20

    I thought the presentation was very poor little detail about the item given. Jackie gave very little information as per usual, just spent the time pushing the price and how much of a good value the price point was. In my opinion the models seemed to be struggling and the effects they showed live...
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    Beauty Loves with Revamp TSV 18/09/20

    Not impressed (n)
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    Tiffany-style Lighting a..... :unsure: ........sperm lamp ;):LOL::ROFLMAO:
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    The Christmas Grotto TSV 13/10/20

    Not those flipping rice lights on the different coloured bendable wire
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    Molton Brown TSV 04/10/20

    So what did Gemma say the last TSV was Molton Browns Christmas TSV offering
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    The Christmas Grotto TSV 13/10/20

    Oh Grotto :p I’m excited have we had a Christmas TSV with such a name before
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    It Cosmetics TSV 14/10/20

    Ali Young has been spotted with an IT Cosmetics tote style bag
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    Philip Kingsley TSV 16/09/20

    Simon I think I caught he was saying it would sell out in the morning show I may have been wrong and he said lunchtime show. But either way he was definitely pushing it had sold loads and was about to go limited, then would soon afterwards sell out and that was in the morning show.
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    Flinty's looking fuller

    Debbies daughters business
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    Alison Cork TSV 15/09/20

    Going off this Q next AH with her tin trunks then 😏
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    Diamonique Day TSV 11/09/20

    Just gone to a break microphone not dropped so Jill can be heard shouting it’s got a stone missing
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    Diamonique Day TSV 11/09/20

    Oh right now Jill Franks is wearing diamonique cause her ring is being repaired and the ring she is wearing is one she’s had years. Now that’s not the quite the story I heard previously that she’d ordered her self a ring as her mother of pear ring she was frightened of loosing when taking off...
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    Diamonique Day TSV 11/09/20

    Any explanation as to why they haven’t been able to video link Miss Mone as planned for today’s shows?
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    Ruth Langsford TSV 12/09/20

    Alex says she’s size 8 - 10 in a top, have never thought that.

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