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    l'Occy Men's Shower gel set 240615

    Doesn't seem a bad deal? Caveat that I've not scrolled through all the pages of L'occy - been in Wales with Mr B & Obie getting very very wet! - but Alexis says men's gifts will be limited this season (could be a sales ploy to flog more TSV) Please can llloyd do the sums?
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    This evenings 'Award Ceremony'

    Short read: 2 mins. I'm guilty of watching this - well I recorded it & then fast played through. Took about 20 mins for me to cherry pick from a 2 hour show! For those of you who didn't waste your time with this, I can confirm that it was the biggest load of shit ever - worst so far - so...
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    Next Ultrasun TSV 3/7/19

    Does anyone know when this is? In need some glimmer 20/poss fam 30 & am hoping they may come up in a July TSV? Help much appreciated, tia.
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    Dog Poo Vase

    Item 709151. Or is it just me?
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    Philosophy Fragrances

    Does anyone know what Philosophy's Snow Angel smells like? They have some huge bubbles plus EDT/EDP sets (not sure which) atm, seem quite good value. The set is pitched amongst the foodie smells though, which puts me off. I loathe sickly sweet vanilla/cupcake smells - anything like the XMAS...

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