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    Question please

    So DF presenting Neom hour made reference to her liking neroli. Then went on to say they had recently been given the choice of Christmas TSV, to see which they preferred that had a neroli option. Question anyone shed any light on what this maybe please? Please don’t say it’s Elemis as was...
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    Do we need anymore?

    Producer just given the following fact to Katy That at the moment there are a total of 72 Kim & Co jumpsuits available to purchase. Goodness knows just how many are available when including all the brands o_O:unsure:
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    Aldi heated airer
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    Charlie Animation

    Just caught the end of Diamonique 8-9 when they put on Charlies animation and he was clearly mortified with what was shown. I recall him mentioning a few weeks back he had the following day this filming session were he had to act in front of a blank screen. Which he said he was dreading as he...
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    Peony 10pm

    Anyone watching Julie from home with vaseline over the camera and a room full of candles, can’t believe what I’m seeing o_O
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    Covering Sickness & Holidays

    That many presenters yet Bank Holiday Weekend they still had to resort to have Ali Young in early morning and Will doing Kim & Co
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    Could anyone tell me please

    Where the heck would one wear this lux! outfit please :geek: :unsure:
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    Blimey O’Riley

    I saw a pair of Nina Leonard bell bottom trousers on air just, and thought I must have a look on the website. Because with postage I thought oh my word Lenny would turn in his grave at £50 being charged for his pants. Going to look on I wanted to see if this had become the new NL norm...
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    Explain This One Please?

    So Alex selling OPI this evening announces she’s placed an order for an OPI item prior to the show. But goes on to loudly shout please if you go mad buying, then please leave one. Just leave me one cause I’ve only ordered tonight and the lady will only place the order tomorrow.
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    Why does everything.....

    Come in a gift box or a bag. So sperm lamp in gift box, Elemis in tote bag, insulated shopping totes in gift boxes and Quick Dry towels in a drawstring bag.
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    We now have our very own Presenter Stylist

    So Katie has just announced the presenters have their very own Presenter Stylist called Stine. She is collecting pictures of what we are wearing most days, if you can’t get hold of the presenter. Though I will always answer you if I was wearing something you wanted to know...
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    Surprising Comment

    Wednesday evening I caught the L’Occitane young brand ambassador standing in for Alexis as she’s gone up to Scotland on holiday. Nothing new there she has said in the past all the family go to Scotland for the summer. At the start of the L’Occitane Precious Divine cream presentation Alison Young...
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    What does anyone else think......

    Of this statement during a preview of an up and coming item in the mid day hour. Jackie Kabler preview introduction of a pick up tool. “Ann and I were chatting, we are tall we often we go to the supermarket (Inject with what appeared to be a smark/giggle) Small people ask us to reach for...
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    Nails Inc Guest Shanie Ryan 7/7 2005 Bombings

    Not the easiest page to load due to the adverts
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    Marks & Spencer Formula Cleanse Buy One Get One 1/2 Price

    Formula Cleanse buy one get one half price
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    30% Off Per Una & Autograph

    Deal Of The Weekend 30% Off Per Una & Autograph Not a great lot of choice but hopefully there maybe something suitable for someone 🤞
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    Quick Today Holland & Barratt

    Holland & Barrett have 25% discount on everything with QUICK25 for the next four hours then the discount reduces Also there’s Buy One Get One At Half Price on some items plus you can use the 25% offer as well
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    Bye bye Claire

    Leaving to spend more time with her family
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    Are the......

    white trainers that seem to the sent out during every flipping fashion hour being sanitised between each model, cause the laces are still really grubby and grey.
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    QVC Now Stocking A Brand New Line

    Of tents and awnings I see ;)🤣🤣

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