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    Favourite presenter?

    What? How on earth can you not like him? He's lovely.
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    Yankee Candles - What's all the fuss about?

    I don't think they're over-rated at all. I've tried other candles and have received other (cheaper) brands as pressies, and Yankee are far superior. I have my favourites like most of you, and know by now what they are. So I'll keep buying them as they last and last and the fragnances are true to...
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    Favourite presenter?

    Howard, no contest. :mysmilie_82::mysmilie_82:
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    new presenter Lottie

    Even worse than the first comedown I'd have thought - she'd already gone from singing in the Albert Hall with Lord Lloyd Webber to flogging horrible plastic bags and now this. I mean, how far down could one possible go? What'll be next? Behind the counter at Poundstretcher??
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    Who Is Your Favourite Presenter?

    I find Sara very soothing and easy to listen to. Anthony is also one of my favourites. Debbie Greenwood is near the top with me too. The OKs - Dale, Pipa, Craig, Claudia, Julia. Tend to get on my nerves at times - Claire, Jilly, Julian, Kathy, Catherine, Alison K, Alison Y, Simon, Charlie...
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    Tignanello Handbag TSV Tues 2nd Feb

    Thanks Bluebell. I LOVE Tignanello!
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    When did Ali Keenan get married?

    Lovely news. Congratulations to you all. What a great start to 2010!
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    Craig Rowe

    I like his accent too. It's much nicer than some others. I think it sounds grounded and earthy, and not common like some others.
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    Oh lucky you PMS. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your purchases. Let us know what you buy!!
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    Who's bought what so far in 2010.

    Nothing since Craft Day and that was last year.
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    Sharon the model

    I think she's OTT too, but the models don't get on my nerves in the way some of the presenters do. I don't know how many times I watched the clip of her falling. I just couldn't help laughing. Mean I know, but it was SO funny.
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    Debbie Flint annoying again!!!

    But are you her sister by any chance??
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    Debbie Flint annoying again!!!

    Good post. Describes exactly how I feel about her. I think she's awful as a presenter.
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    Claudia has just mentioned she is pregnant

    That's lovely news about Claudia. I hope that she's feeling well. I wouldn't have guessed looking at her, then again, I'm hopeless. Women have to be close to labour for me to realise that they're preggers!
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    Card making: A cautionary tale.

    Well I wouldn't bother sending him one of my precious creations again. Your auntie should just delete him from her list.
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    What was your best buy in 2009?

    A Kipling purse.
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    What was your worst buy in 2009?

    I returned my first item ever this year - the Lola Rose summer TSV. Nothing wrong with it really, but the earrings were too small for me. Otherwise, pleased with everything.
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    If you could only buy 1 Beauty item in 2010??

    Cleanse and Polish here too.
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    JR writing a book

    marching down the corridor towards the lift. She stabbed the button manically and waited impatiently for the doors to open. Up she went, right to the top and knocked on the Chairman's door, before making a grand entrance. "Right oh, it's payback time", she announced. "I've been thinking of...
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    JR writing a book

    YMCA or ........