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    i love it, we love it, we absolutely love it

    Jacqui actually said 'erm' in the middle of stating the price of an item, the other day. She said "£7 19 erm pence" For goodness' sake. Everything, even the most ordinary, mundane things are described as "incredible". I only had the show on less than a minute (I'm too intolerant) and she's...
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    Too much of Jaquie

    She also repeats what the demonstrator has just said, word for word. We heard it the first time, Jacqui. What do you think you're doing?
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    Flora Mare

    I hadn't heard of it until I saw your post, so I just went to the QVC website and watched the presentation of the Introductory Set On a trivial note, I love the colour of the packaging and I thought...
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    Kelly Hoppen TSV 3/7/14

    Wow. So Kelly Hoppen really does only design things in taupe.
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    Ideal World, now breaking the law !, also DSR's are enhanched

    Peter Mepham needs to learn to spell or get his correspondence proofread before he sends it. It looks so unprofessional to have such a glaring error. The plural of company is companies not company's, Mr Mepham.
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    The makeup on the Tarte show

    I agree the makeup is so OTT. Deep orange skin, false lashes, thick eyeliner, it just looks awful. Very few people want to look like that - with the exception of the women I have seen in clips of The Only Way Is Essex. I agree that the Tarte guest looks the worst by far.
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    Ideal World, now breaking the law !, also DSR's are enhanched

    Oh dear. "I understand your concerns" Really? It doesn't look like it does it? How pathetic and ridiculous. What are you going to do now, Deano?
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    Stacey & YBF

    Akimbo, thank you very much for mentioning Missha BB, because I am currently using a small sample size of Jane Iredale's Glow Time BB, which is also full coverage. I have now found out a bit more about the Missha BB and ordered it from Amazon for only £3.95 which is a tenth of the RRP for Jane...
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    Oh you stupid woman!

    Oh that's terrible, Sally. The people who (or whose parents) followed such 'advice' will have experienced such agony, it doesn't bear thinking about.
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    Oh you stupid woman!

    Jill Franks (trying to sell turbans) was talking about children after they've been swimming. "They've got wet hair, they can pick up a cold from it" You do not get a cold from having wet hair! How can she think that? Surely everyone knows it's a virus! Grrr and tsk, with a "for goodness' sake"...
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    Mrs Mally Brown?

    I put the show on but Mally was YELLING so loud I couldn't stand it and turned off again. The models she's standing next to must find it deafening. It's a wonder they don't wince every time she opens her mouth.
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    Oh dear.

    My mother is 94, lives alone (widowed in 1979) and her makeup and hair are immaculate every single day. She always dresses beautifully too. I dread to think what kind of state I'll be in, if I live to that age.
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    Doll10 Mirage loose powder costs 3 x more than Chanel!

    I was lucky enough to be given a bit of money recently and I have gone Jane Iredale crazy. First I ordered (not that colour tho') from Beauty Bay - you can buy it from Ideal World if you want to pay a lot more :wink...
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    Doll10 Mirage loose powder costs 3 x more than Chanel!

    It's also much more expensive than Christian Dior. Please note that I have not posted any links in this post at all. All the links have been automatically generated by the pesky advertising software on this forum. Doll10 Mirage Blending Powder £32.50 for 10g = £3.95 P & P = £36.45 CHANEL...
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    Jane Iredale NOT cheapest on IW by far!

    I received my Jane Iredale starter kit yesterday and I'm thrilled to bits with it. The products exceeded expectations and my makeup looks as good (and as natural) now as it did when I first put it on this morning. The...
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    Mike Mason joins Ideal World TV

    I've never watched Bid TV hence had never heard of Mike Mason until reading on this forum that he's joined Ideal World. However, descriptions of him sound so awful that I sincerely hope he won't be appearing on Create and Craft as there are already presenters on there that cause me to switch off...
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    Jane Iredale NOT cheapest on IW by far!

    I have just been watching the Jane Iredale show on Ideal World and they have been claiming that they have checked the online stockists and gave examples of sites that were more expensive than IW. I wanted the starter kit, so checked and whereas it would be 39.99 + 5.99 = £45.98 on Ideal World...
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    Fail to prepare; prepare to fail

    Oh dear, Mr Marple, it's almost inevitable that whenever someone posts about another person's grammatical and/or spelling mistakes, they will make a mistake of their own. Have you spotted yours yet? :tongue:
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    Fail to prepare; prepare to fail

    Thanks for the explanation. How can anyone be that thick? It's also very difficult to understand why no-one corrected her, unless they're all equally thick. I can't understand why Lulu Guinness didn't respond to Jill's "You're not worthy" in such a way as to point out to her what she had said...
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    Fail to prepare; prepare to fail

    Really? Can you tell me more please? I didn't see that.