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    Leonie on Hochanda

    I really enjoyed watching Leonie with Arty Farty Carol yesterday. Funny, relaxed with time to demonstrate and NO hard sell. A total pleasure to watch.
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    Crafter's Companion goes to Hochanda!

    That place is leaking like a sieve lately - It's a good job they've still got Steph and her Tattered Lace juggernaut smashing the heart out of the channel.
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    Peter Simon speaks for the dead

    I'm waiting for the IW LIVE, yes, LIVE! séance with quest medium Derek "are you there, Sam?" Acorah......not even Pervy Pete could outdo this performance! <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    CD's with errors

    I am not a fool as you seem to be implying, I have not purchased any further products of any kind from her. I wasn't implying you were a fool, lizziedolly! I apologise if I offended you, it wasn't my intention. I was simply referring to a saying I thought was relevant to your posting. Any...
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    CD's with errors

    Hello lizziedolly, welcome to the forum :wave: Can you give the names of the cd roms so anyone else who may have purchased them can check theirs to make sure they are fine. Going by your post you have at least 3 of these cds. Why, if you're not happy with the quality and integrity of the...
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    Best comedy channel on tele

    There's only one way to find out.........FIGHT!
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    Jay Cooper

    Nasty person with a classic case of "little man syndrome" I stupidly believed Debbie Shore fawning all over him and pushing the "white glove service" him and his family built their business on - it was more like boxing gloves when he called me a pain in the arse and waste of his time over the...
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    Princess Pinflair???????????

    I think most of her stuff appeals to older crafters - it reminds me of stuff my nan used to clutter her house up with!
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    Sheilagh the Model.

    I thought she lost the weight with that dodgy "right choice" diet plan she was flogging to death :thinking: I find I lose weight when I'm using my vibrator thingy - it's impossible to open and eat chocolate bars and crisps whilst flat on my back! :tongue:
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    Paul Lavers

    Tax scandal! he hasn't been fiddling has he? :cash: I'm not too fussed on Paul Lavers, I find him quite smarmy.
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    The large lady who demonstrates cleaning aids etc

    Size doesn't come into it in our house......we affectionately call her the "gobby Brummie with breathing difficulties" :rock:
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    Peachy Bums and Basques

    I flicked past it last night whilst on my way to C&C - my OH shouted out "What was that" with sudden interest! We spent the next half hour happily watching Natasha and her womanly bits adorning our screens - me for the fashion, him for, well, whatever gives a man of a certain age enjoyment...
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    IW is 12

    Watchdog, Trading Standards, The Daily Mirror, ASA .......oh yes, everybody is talking about them :talking:
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    Please Set Expectations For IW Virgin

    3 weeks is positively embryonic on the I/W delivery time line.....I'd give it another month before your friend starts to panic :clock: Regarding best action to take - your friend could try praying to their chosen God/Deity/Rock star of choice :rock: I've heard people rave about the wonderful...
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    "mind you Loen can slip one in now and then" It's not one of those 'toys' Den and Stephanie, donned in fluffy mules and lacy negligee :sweat:, were selling a few years back, was it? :mysmilie_466:
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    Is IW still there?

    Is IW still there? Unfortunately, yes! :devil: :giggle:
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    Earlex Paint Sprayer

    The O/H bought a Black and Decker one - used it once and <STRIKE>flung</STRIKE> stores it in the garage! :cheeky: The finish was quite interesting, a hybrid of pebble dash and birdseed...... I suppose it would've been classed as entrend and tres chic in IW land :cheeky:
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    Dennice's Eyes

    She looks smacked off her t*ts to me!
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    Well there's no competition for my fav....Andy :heart: Least fav...Ellis - I used to be covered in p**s before I got my <s>vibrator</s> pelvic floor massager.
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    Anne-Foxley Cascade

    Only 8 in one, light weights! .....what happened to that '1001 ways to wear a sausage skin' dress :mysmilie_506: I'm sure Myra has got something similar brewing at the windmill....imagine a statically charged magnet slapping against your nether regions...I might be tempted to get that piercing...