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  1. Loveinamist

    Percy and Reed Wonder Balm

    Anybody tried this, do you recommend, can’t live without, transformative? I use Dreamcoat which I like but, like my brows 🤪, am always looking for a better product. TIA 🥰
  2. Loveinamist


    The Q shed load of stock to rival any Elemis TSV and the screen time competition for Ultrasun.
  3. Loveinamist

    Has Abi Cleeve got

    Her bed at Q? She’s never off the screen.
  4. Loveinamist

    Haven’t Q got an iron?

    The fashion is dire anyway but a close up of a crushed cap sleeve is not doing a very basic blouse any favours.
  5. Loveinamist

    Bernini elephant water fountain

    I really like this, nit the price, but why only three elephants? I like symmetry and this would have to be by a wall rather than free standing so you can walk around it.
  6. Loveinamist

    World Naked Gardening Day!

    Tomorrow! :eek: Michael Perry is naked on Twitter! :ROFLMAO:
  7. Loveinamist

    Fairytale Forest Garden

    Well what a disappointment! Thought there’d be fairy doors, delicate pretty stuff. It’s all nightmarish IMO.
  8. Loveinamist

    No! Chloe

    A £55+p&p garden gnome won’t help with isolation during lockdown, unless I end up doolally thinking I’m Jimmy Stewart with a rabbit!
  9. Loveinamist

    Andi Peters

    Imagine Dale’s face if he tried this on Q, he’d spit out his pork pie
  10. Loveinamist

    Welcome to QVC colouring

    Says JF on the Shirroffski :mysmilie_857: show. Power bracelet: Champagne is brown, black is grey, grey is white, green is green, red is red. Got that? :mysmilie_505:
  11. Loveinamist

    AY shimmerbrick

    She said you can look like you fell in a pot of it! (1m 43secs in) She was being complimentary as we all know she adores the stuff but loves some new pots on the block too!
  12. Loveinamist

    Q e-mail query

    Received one today from QVC CI Team about a survey, just says click here, no flowery words of hello, nothing. Wary of opening, anyone else received one? This is the second in a week but the other had a full introduction. Thanks.
  13. Loveinamist

    New camera technique

    Behind the mirror so we have a close up of the model slathering herself. AY and Fiona Decleor in the background nodding. Oh dear!
  14. Loveinamist

    Presenter research? Naaaah!

    CE with less than two hours to go calling out along the lines of “Who am I with at 12, who can tell me?” Great eh?
  15. Loveinamist

    Wonder if she got it from Q!

    Ghost dress
  16. Loveinamist

    Vercella Vita knickers

    Pretty disappointed at the reviews and nothing 5 starred. Anybody recommend comfortable shape wear medium control? TIA.
  17. Loveinamist

    Clogau, give it a rest

    What is the weight of the Clogau gold in each piece? Let’s hear some facts and figures instead of waffle.
  18. Loveinamist

    Sara Davies Crafting Queen Envelobox Creator

    Enters the Dragon’s Den as the youngest ever Dragon. Well done her.
  19. Loveinamist

    Princess Grace Collection

    Nice to see this chap again but he’s been tangoed, quite distracting with a vivid makeup line. Who on earth done that to him?
  20. Loveinamist

    AY fashion fail again

    Never mind the Elemis gunk, can’t take my eyes off the grey combat trousers with zip pockets and too short deep green lace top. Dreadful.

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