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    Freeview 254 doesn't exist!!

    not on my telly anyhow. It goes to 247 when I put 254 on, and it deffo isn't The Craft Channel. Hope it comes onto Freeview soon
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    The picture quality is awful

    It looks like it was filmed twenty years ago and the website SHOULD have been up and running as the channel launched. It still isn't up properly. I wonder if they will improve things by going HD, as we need a clear picture of what they are trying to sell us, rather than the grainy image they...
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    so they lied about stopping craft items

    For all their promises that crafting would remain n important part of QVC, its been 4ever since a craft item, and no TSvs in over a year. I only used to enjoy the craft shows, and would love to know why they stopped
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    perfect teint a load of rubbish

    I got the perfecr teint POTD Last week. i only have fine lines at the moment as I'm only 40, but the perfecr teint did nothing at all. The cover make up was pants too. I'm sending it back.:down:
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    what should they stop selling?

    I'd say Teddy Bears...we are not 6! kipling bags Diet Chef...diets are meant to be a change in dietary habits, not a 2/4 week quick fix gardening stuff, Zzzzzzzzzzz B mkowsky bags... just like his wifes! Why have a dog and bark yourself?? In fact, there are WAY too many bags on Fitness...
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    opi nail envy ruined my nails

    It made them go really peculiar. Iyt took ages for them to go back to normal. AND the colour polish chips after just one day. Disappointing. I'll stick to Rimmel
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    is JF really 45? a joke surely

    I read someone joking that JF is 45, ha ha ha. My you made me laugh with that one. Never in this world is she 45, even with all the Gatinau in the world, (actually it doesn't work anyway). I'd have said 52. Whatever, she's still a pain
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    woman who sells diet chef looks fatter

    over the last few times she's been on, she seems to be getting fatter to me. no wonder she sits down!!
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    new TSV tune

    Sorry if this has been discussed, but can we have the old TSV music back
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    10pm deliveries not cool

    Twice in recent weeks I've had a knock at the door at 10pm only to find an IW courier with parcel. :clock: I'm usually in bed by then, So I had to get up to get my parcel. It shouldn't be allowed so late.
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    JF, please go away

    I try to see the best in people, but she is just too anoying for words. She is rude, and is fore ver clearing her throat. Sorry for being mean but I just can't take her any more!! Even Ann Dawson is better than her!!
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    anyone rem,ember fixi-witz

    it was two tubes of putty that mended things. I can't remember how to use them
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    why do they show trailers for stuff they don't have

    31/8 just seen the electric salt/pepper mill advertised, went online to buy, only to find its out of stock. WHY DO THEY DO THAT???
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    IW poach another QVC

    it seems more and more brasnds are going to IW. Don't know why, their postage is astronomical
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    alan and barry rumours

    i sincerely hope the rumours of alan and barry returning to create and craft aren't true. Why on earth would they do that to us?
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    Eureka cleaner? i have my doubts

    if its as good as Revive, it'll be rubbish. The example they showed of the caravan being cleanred was awful. TYhe dirt was so obviously sprayed on cos it was the same colour inside and out, AND the same colour as the reest of the dirt, liker gravy browning had been sprayed on. I won'ty be buying it
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    my Bamix was rubbish

    the first few times it was fine. I made mayonaise that was lovely. Then I went to make some more but the mixture just turned to a water like substance. Then i tried to whip egg whtes, and they too turned watery. It is like the machine is too powerful and breaks down the mol;ecules of the food. I...
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    polypoos, or something, hilarious

    I can't remember the exact name but it was something like Polypoos from a bloke callred Hari. It was hysterical! Suyrely he was from Little Britain?
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    Sami haircare on IW

    is very expensive. You can get it from Superdrug at a fraction of the cost!
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    Mally make up, any good?

    it looks nice, but has anhyone tried it?

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