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    Good Luck

    I've long been interested in the sort of themes and lifestyle changes promoted by Steve Bennett on this new channel. Whether or not Selly Tele is a viable platform to sustain this particular venture remains to be seen but he has had a book published promoting his Primal Cure theories and a...
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    Matinée Idol My First Impressions.

    So, I bought a 150ml flask of this eau de parfum at 14.99 plus p and p which I thought was worth a punt: nothing to lose if it was crap and if it was nice then I got 150mls of decent cologne and a rather nice hip flask to put my Talisker in when it's finished. I bought it entirely on the...
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    Closing Down Sale

    This is what it's saying on the channel. What a shame, it was an honourable thing to set up this channel in the hope of helping some very poor people.
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    Anoushka Leaving TJC

    Nooooooo.!!!! My favourite presenter on any shopping channel's just announced that tonight's her last shift. The beautiful and bubbly Anoushka is moving on to who knows where? Bye Nuks x
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    Sisters Bake It Up From Anoushka's Twitter feed. Her sister's blooming hot stuff as well.
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    I do believe the lovely Ellis is presenting sans bra this morning. And very nice it is too. :mysmilie_12:
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    Is It Just Me?

    The BidTv section of this forum seems to attract a large number of negative posts about the presenters, postage charges, quality of goods and customer service from this particular company. From what I can glean, some of these posters spend an inordinate amount of time either watching this...
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    Peter Sherlock Shirts

    Hi Pete if you're reading this, you were wearing some pretty fly shirts on air yesterday with big collars. I thought they looked great, where can I get them?

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