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    John Scott turns his back on Shopping Telly

    I absolutely concur with Lilo Lil! I used to enjoy his chat on the sewing and Pavers channels, but I wouldn't pay to see him ever, I pay enough for my broadband and sky subscriptions before paying to see himself.
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    WynneLayers TSV 13/06/20

    To wear that as a dress for me would make me look like a dumpling with fat little cankly legs poking out underneath. I think Marla is great fun, her shows almost filled the gap left by Joan Rivers. However, she cuts for her shape I am not an apple, I am not 5'8" (I'm under, just, 5'4") and I...
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    People who bought/like the Dew sanitising water

    Dew popped up somewhere, I spotted it and I checked it out and I use it every day!
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    Julian v Nikki

    I dislike Lola rose (and bibi bijou, but that's another thread). I never watch q when it is on.
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    Random musings and general banter.

    Had just taken my recycling out came back and started channel surfing and thought I saw her, but wasn't sure until they mentioned her name, and then I came on here to see if anyone else had seen her!
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    Going back to funerals, I decided years ago that I wanted to "be a tree"! So, I don't care, once I'm gone how that is achieved... I too have no close family I have a brother who has a wife and cat and two sons who both have children, but I couldn't tell you the last time I saw them. I don't...
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    Boots Seasonal Items Offer, up to 25% off

    Starts tomorrow I believe, annoyingly, I was going to buy something tonight as the signage was up, with no start date of course. They stock loads of Q brands plus their own.
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    Clarks Sale Online, Extra 10% Code

    I went into our local Clarks on the DH, saw a bag I really liked, but wanted a different colour, it was black, boring, went on their website and it was in a taupe/cream and bonus it was cheaper and THEN there was a bonus code for an extra 10% MORE10 I think, so I've only got to wait until...
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    Not sure whether to post this here or in QVC

    I was just watching IW and there are what I am sure look like Bundlebury "trunks" as set dressing!!! Imitation sincerest form of flattery ...
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    I have no Idea how Denise kept a straight face on the Elizabeth Grant Show I just Saw

    Denise was just demonstrating a "rolling lift" (not sure if that's the right name for it) gadget that had a distinctly interesting format that looked like something you would find promoted for ahem "relaxation" when we have a good idea that it would be intended for use much lower down the...
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    Am I seeing things or is Eilidh Nairn in the Oak Furniture Land ad?

    It's the third one down on this page? Well, I think it is her anyway and if anyone else has posted on this, please forgive me!
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    There are good sized samples of some of the "big names" from Q with an offer to buy if you like!
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    I think my eyes and ears were deceiving me, but...

    I was channel hopping just now, not a good sleeper this week, well, not many weeks tbh. There was some "I love QVC" short on one of the extra channels (possibly style itself). I could have sworn it was Joy, whom I haven't seen for ages, not since there was a Models Prefer/YBF marathon. Nice...
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    Portable Charger on Right Now

    Much cheaper on amazon:
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    Caught a glimpse of a male model on Brand Alley or Achica and thought hm familiar? Well, he must be putting his fash expertise to use then?
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    New QVC Channel, sky epg channel no 683

    Has anyone else noticed this, seems to alternate jewellery and home items.
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    Laura Geller Styl-ie Baked Foundation - by Proto-Col

    Was scooshing around the internet and spotted that Proto-col do make up including a Baked Foundation, wonder if they will ever bring that to IW?
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    elemis - in Superdrug

    I was trolling round my nearest city branch of Superdrug the other day and I thought I was seeing things but no, there on a special shelf space was a whole area devoted to a series of elemis skin care ranges, each devoted to a specific skin type from what I could see...
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    I am not a crafter, too cack-handed, but just watching the POTW

    Mike Payne, who is the artist of "The Wine Buffs", is the originator of the fluffy grey "Forever Friends" Teddy and is a great buddy of my most recent crush!
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    3pm on MSN - live webchat with "Beauty Guru Liz Earle"

    For those who may be interested, this is on the MSN web page now! ms x

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