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    Moda In Pelle TSV 23/10/20

    Retro as my kids would say. I used to wear something similar with a leather mini skirt. I had great legs back then. Now I need something a little more comfy.
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    Alison O’Reilly of Diamonique

    Yes I lost my hair twice with chemo and stem cell transplant. I liked the crop but am happy it’s growing down a bit now. Allison looks glam. I think she’ll do OK. I ignore JR.
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    Alison O’Reilly of Diamonique

    Couldn’t agree more. I never used to bother the GP but now I need them it’s nigh on impossible to speak to a medically qualified person. Then it’s only after a row with the people manning the phones. I don’t believe people are scared to attend. I have been attending hospital with no problems...
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    Lola Rose TSV 21/10/20

    I have 4 jewellery boxes bought as presents over the years. I don’t use them much not being a big jewellery wearer but don’t like to get rid of them.
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    Charlie Brook

    I find him a bit childish. Maybe I too am losing my sense of humour. His banter with the American BA is a turn off.
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    Lola Rose TSV 21/10/20

    Jill Franks does it too.Not sure if it’s learned as a child. I’m an Eastender and I remember my dad working hard to stop me saying “ain’t”and leaving out the ts in better butter etc. Even now if I’m not careful I can lapse into the cockney twang. I draw the line at apples and pears. I never...
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    30/60 day MBG

    I don’t hang on to things . I return them straight away if I’m not happy. I never wear things out or even remove the labels. I’ve never returned any used beauty items. I recently returned a jacket that had been worn , possibly washed and it’s the first time I’ve received anything like this. You...
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    Whatever happened to mains powered ???

    I prefer plug ins. I too got into the battery fad even the rechargeable ones but now can’t be asked.
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    TV charity appeal

    I was a teenager and I remember it but in those days we didn’t have wall to wall news as we do now. It was newspapers and bulletins. Can’t imagine how those people coped.i saw the documentary. Heartbreaking.
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    Today I bought....

    I must admit I’m drawn to Frank Usher bags too. I’ve never bought one yet only because I know I won’t get much use out of it. I don’t like chain handles either usually but as you say this one is cute.
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    Kim & Co TSV 01/10/20

    I thought it was her. Don’t think she was wearing Q though.
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    Winter Fashion Heroes TSV 06/10/20

    I love a velvet sofa but it’s got to be good quality.
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    Today I bought....

    Keep your chin up. I too have been isolating and not able to meet with friends and family.i have spent on what I probably don’t need but we have to cheer ourselves up as we can. I used to love browsing the shops but now it’s a pain even if you do venture out. It will end soonI hope.
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    Today I bought....

    I don’t know if he meant it but I think he will have a mass uprising if he did.
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    Winter Fashion Heroes TSV 06/10/20

    My dad used to wear cable knit cardis in a variety of colours including mustard.He got them from Pollards a shop I used to buy baby vests and socks from.
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    Today I bought....

    I watched a fair bit of the fashion today and nothing tempted me . In any case if we aren’t going anywhere until next September, according to Boris , I don’t need new clothes.🤷‍♂️
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    Winter Fashion Heroes TSV 06/10/20

    I think Michelle believes in her designs which is more than some seem to. You’re not going to find similar in Asda . Unlike Goks jumpers.I saw one very similar for a third of the price.
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    Today I bought....

    The Advanced Night Repair. I used it about 10 years ago and it was great. Not sure now about results . Could be because I’m 10 years older .... or they have changed the ingredients.
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    Bose TSV 25/10/20

    My Bose was one of the first things I bought on easy pays . It’s still going strong all these years later.
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    Radley TSV 5/10/20

    Made for Q . Can’t get it anywhere else . That puts me off straight away. It has a very Q look about it. A bit like Ashwood.

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