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    Yankee Candle Christmas drop query

    To all the YC experts. I have just received the Christmas drop (the final one of the 4 I did on Auto Delivery at the beginning of the year) and I'm really disappointed. When they arrived I am certain they are not the rights ones. I have been looking forward to receiving hot buttered rum and a...
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    Ooops - A couple of glasses of wine and here I go again!

    I have just ordered the Elemis TSV for 2moro! Never used Elemis b4 and I am curious - hope I don't regret it. (The ez pays were a big factor). I am trying different things for the ultimate that works for me. Bought the Gatineau last week and I am a bit so so about the melatoginine cream (it...
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    Quality of "Made for QVC" Nail polishes

    I didn't buy the recent OPI TSV but there were 2 shades that I liked so I bought them from ebay. 1 (the coral) is made for QVC, 1 (the light pink) is a current OPI collection. I am really disappointed with the quality of the coral - it was strange to apply, dried really slowly and started to...
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    Carmel - Praise!

    Hi All, I know she usually gets a tough time on here (and often I agree) but in the spirit of proving that this wonderful forum isn't all bad I thought I would comment on how nice Carmel looks today. I have La Q on in the background for the Joan Rivers show (sadly no Joan though) and I did a...

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