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  1. Greg

    Will QVC be celebrating 'Black Friday' this year?

    Does QVC put on special offers for this event? I can imagine the QVC Arsebook Shopperatti in frenzied orgasms and multiple 'selfies' over this (but without the Asda type violence and maiming of the real thing). I've just looked at Amazon's Black Friday sale which has already started. As...
  2. Greg

    Which type of QVC shopper are you?

    What type of QVC shopper are you? By the way, a 'bin lid' is a shopper who willingly hands over their credit/debit card and allows QVC to open their 'bin lid' to throw any trash in it.
  3. Greg

    Which presenters will be doing this after Ideal World goes belly up

    Shocking. It's why I hate shopping channels. They prey on vulnerable people. and it angers me. Just like doorstep sakesmen these TV channels have direct access to people's homes and it is easy for them to extract cash and give them shit in return. "You need a four hundred pound heater..."
  4. Greg

    Charlie Brook food presentations

    Charlie is very much 'old school' but to me a vast difference from the OTT gushy women presenters. Very much slower pace, he is tasting the products as if a food connoiseur, slowly savouring the morsels allowing the viewer time to consider the purchase rather than be rushed into an impulse buy...
  5. Greg

    Festive food product ideas for QVC to flog

    5 miniature 'kilner' jars (50ml each) of 'craft beers from North Essex' - £35 + p&p 6 mini Christmas shortcake fingers in tiny Christmas crackers £25 + p&p 10 'Andi Peters' mulled wine 'pigs in blankets' dipped in mint chocolate £45 + p&p Over to you for food suggestions... :mysmilie_59:
  6. Greg

    QVC Rip-off Mince Pies for £18(£24 with p&p)

    It's ridiculous, really. There isn't anything special to justify the ludicrous price tag. They're not organic or artisinal. If a high-street store tried sélling this product at £18/24 people would laugh at them... For example: Harrod's mince pies are £9.95, Fortnum & Mason £10.95. These are...
  7. Greg

    Which Ideal World presenter would make the best date on Halloween night?

    It's coming up at the end of this month. Who would fit the bill? Where would you take them? What gift would you buy them?
  8. Greg

    Ideal World presenters 'nicknames'

    I'm actually finding it hard (Ooo err, missus!) to keep up with all the wierd and wonderful new nicknames people are coming-up with. I would be grateful if you could record them here so users can keep track on who people are talking about. For example, who is 'Honky Tonks'? Thanks x
  9. Greg

    Really terrible Ideal World reviews on Trustpilot! I would advise anyone onsidering buying from Ideal World to check the Trustpilot reviews link above. There seems to be a vast majority reviews of the company with terrible ratings and negative comments on a range of issues.:mysmilie_51:
  10. Greg

    Peter Simon is but a pale imitation of this man

    The master of the 'double entendre' (and he never prostituted himself on a clapped-out selly telly channel!):
  11. Greg

    Amanda Laaaamb bags!

    So did anyone see her presentation and buy one of her bags?
  12. Greg

    Peter Simon's audition reel for Ideal World

  13. Greg

    Play the 'Sum up a presenter in one word' game!

    The rules: 1. It has to be an Ideal World presenter(s) 2. You can only use ONE word to describe each presenter 3. If someone has already used a word, you will have to find another similar word otherwise it will get a bit boring if we get 'honest', 'sincere' and 'saintly' for pages and pages...
  14. Greg

    14 Quid for mince pies? C'mon, that's ridiculous! I'm sorry but that's a loopy price! Are you going to buy these??
  15. Greg

    The Festive Toy Bundle

    Come on. This load of 99p tat isn't worth the £273 they claim it to be worth or even the £129.99 they are selling this junk for. Exactly who is going to be fooled by this? Someone tell me. Please.
  16. Greg

    Brother ScanNCut bundle: what are you going to make with yours? Imaginative, witty and possibly presenter/IW/Bid TV related suggestions welcome :smirk:
  17. Greg

    Should WinCashLive have it's own Shopping Telly forum?

    However big a car crash telly channel this is destined to be, should it have it's own forum? :mysmilie_14:
  18. Greg

    Coconut food bundleFood products rip-off! QVC must think people are stupid if they waste their money on rip-off products,..
  19. Greg

    Better Than New Year food expensive rubbish

    Dried pasta and rice you can get anywhere for fraction of the price. Why buy it from IW at a ridiculous extortionate price? It doesn't even come with any sauces it needs to make them palatable. A totally useless and expensive product given the IW hype paintbrush. Only stupid people would buy...
  20. Greg

    Paul Becque screaming out "Dirty Filthy Sale!!"

    OK, it's a steam cleaner he's selling, but it makes me feel just a little bit dirty in my mouth watching him scream that out on a shopping channel of all places, every few minutes. It's not Babestation ffs. :devil:

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