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    Molton Brown Black Friday Deal 25% off

    Use code BF25 at checkout free delivery depending on spend. Finally got my OUD stuff with a great discount. You get a free sample and free MB box win win x
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    Cyberjammies sale

    Cyberjammies have a sale and you can get an extra 10% off with the code NEWCYBER..its mainly separate bits but I had loads of tops and bottoms so it suited me better
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    Advanced orders

    I want to order the TSV but its on advanced orders. Do QVC request the payment at the time of ordering or when its despatched Thanks
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    Clogau 20% off code

    The code is 20PC and you can use it on anything even sale items just saved over £40.00 and there is free delivery!
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    Bedding plants at excellent prices

    Lidl have some lovely garden ready bedding plants at keen prices as usual...Garden centres are closed for the foreseeable future but the gardening season is upon us so.......
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    Lab Grown Firelight Diamonds

    I have to comment on this range is it Diamonique? or is it real diamonds? I am sooo confused!
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    Phase 8 sale

    Phase 8 are offering free delivery off any order plus an extra 15% off if you use the code: 15OFF. I bought the Catrina top in the linen in the lime colour quite a bit cheaper than QVC sell it for...
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    Elemis Free Gift no minimum spend

    Just bought a Ginseng toner 250 ml to hopefully boost my Elemis regime! There is a code PROCOL where you get a cleansing balm, a Pro Collagen day and an Oygenation night cream plus a facial oil its worth £112.00 . you still get to choose a deluxe sample. postage is also free unless you want...
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    Mally Ex TSV clearance price
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    QVC Yankee Tarts

    QVC have 12 yankee tarts in the sale plus you can get an extra 15% if you use the SAVE15 code at checkout
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    Yankee Lavender and Oak Plug ins

    Qvc are selling this gorgeous fragrance at an eyewatering price but this Yankee online shop has it far cheaper: its discounted and postage is free with a £30.00 spend.
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    Neom Diffuser John Lewis £72.00

    John Lewis are selling the Neon Diffuser for 20% off. it does not come with the oils but you could buy a complete set of 4 from John Lewis for £48 this is for 4 different oils. this is a good saving as the oils are £20.00 each. not a cheap gift but if you were in the market for one its not a...
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    Has Ll'orel taken over Decleor

    is it true the Decleor is now owned by L'oreal .....
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    Decleor Svelt trio this has free postage and works out just over £20 a favourite of all the body products and usually quite expensive
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    nice Decleor kit clearance
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    L'occitane Intense Terre De Lumiere Edp

    here's the link
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    Don't want or can't afford the yankee candle TSV try this candle for.......

    superdrug has some vegetable wax candles "spa Sanctuary I am burning the orange box citrus top notes, floral mid and oriental base. if you like Neroli scents its gorgeous. £6.70 if you have a Superdrug card £8.00 if you don't. I cant tell you how lovely and strong it is oh and it comes in a...
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    L'occitane 20% off code

    the code is VIP20....enjoy!
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    skin oracle for declare

    fantastic prices free postage and 10% off code with £75 spend no need to wait for a TSV and have stuff you dont really want/need rather than QVC kits
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    Liz Earle has its own TSV

    Here it is:

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